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  1. What is this in 2:31

  2. John, I hope you got laid after that!

  3. Way more dangerous, the way I chose all my recepies hahaha

  4. hey there. How you doing?

  5. Deeeemmmm, Marcala şarabım yoooook! ::((

  6. I think I undercooked it. It was still frothy….

  7. I just made this with orange juice instead…..INCREDIBLE! Thank you ( I usually watch these stuff without doing them but I did this time, as an algerian I had to add a bit of orange blossome water to the strawberries though of course: DELICIOUS. Thank you my mum loved it ! ( yeah i'm single…)

  8. So this is what humans call "falling in love" ?

  9. I wish I could listen to this guy but his up and down constant way of talking does my bloody head in

  10. Why he didn’t tell the exact measurements of wine, sugar. The only thing was cleared the number of eggs

  11. I make zabaglione, but you don't need to add all that sugar. The amount you added plus the strawberries, will be way to sweet.

  12. I've never laughed so hard watching a cooking channel 😂😂😂 this guy is hilarious! The recipes are great too.

  13. TourmalineDragonfly

    4:13 Are you suggesting a hot berry basted three some? You are the soft moan of your Zabaglione…..

  14. Can I please not use the alcohol?

  15. First 20 seconds in, already subscribed! xD

  16. It looks delicious ……beyond words! Yummy

  17. Jessie Cornelius

    One of my all-time favorite the before the desert oysters on the half shell

  18. Best ever!

  19. May seem like a dumb question but is this alcoholic?

  20. Zabaglione and panna cotta are my two favorite Italian desserts! Heavenly!

  21. cool

  22. I can't help wondering if this would also work with field-ripened pineapple and banana grown locally. I live in Hawaii where we get this stuff nearly every day. Wish I could give this 20 thumbs up!!

  23. Marek Korkusinski

    You are Don Vito Corleone of your Zabaglione.

  24. Levi Kirkpatrick

    Mate you sound well fucked

  25. Substitute can be amaretto, kahlua, jagermeister, grand marnier or triple sex!!!

  26. Sex–ay!!!

  27. Sorry to disappoint you, but food is not sexy.

  28. Can I use any other fruits instead of strawberries??

  29. hi, I have a question , what can be substitute for wine?

  30. Yolanda Delgado

    Show me bottle of wine

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