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  1. Oh those hipsters… they know it all. And thanks for the IG berry hack! 😛 For real though, these tips are awesome, Nisha! Love the value in your videos ❤

  2. Black Vegan Roxy

    Girl I just throw them bananas together in a bag lol.

  3. I know I arrived way late on your channel. But now I know about it, I can’t get enough of your videos. Love your cool hipster 😜 vibe. I know you must have been busy with your project of the cookbook for past year. Hoping soon you will post more videos. No pressure.. hahaha.. just love sound of your voice and all the simple cool ideas 💡 you recommend and of course the great recipes. Thanks!!!

  4. I am now using the frozen almond milk for my smoothies. Good ideas for the freezer.

  5. Myunique Slider

    Hey how long do the frozen berries last in the freezer ? And also can you freeze milk a week before it expires to save it for latter ? I have a non dairy milk called nipple , it expires in a few days but I was thinking of freezing it … what do you think ?

  6. I love veggies along with nuts, fruit(especially berries) legumes, Beans, grains and all the spices and herbs.

  7. Such a nice video! I will use some of these ideas as I'm just starting 🙂

  8. Could you do a video on soups and stews please? Winter is knocking on our doors; soups and stews, especially when made in a crockpot, fit the bill (and make the house smell so yummy after working all day). Ty!

  9. I found out by accident that you can freeze hummus. The texture stays exactly the same once defrosted.

  10. Adriann Schmitke


  11. omg i love your channel! just discovered it and so obsessed! 😀

  12. Please talk about vitamin B12 how to include it every day.

  13. Thanks! Great video

  14. Where did you get your storage containers? Great video!

  15. Kimberly Snyder

    How do those glass jars not crack in the freezer?

  16. The Mellow Kitchen

    Your videos are amazing!

  17. Sending you love and hugs! Inspiring vegan, love you vids 💜💜💜

  18. I just found you, and I’m enjoying your videos so much. Not only very informative, but your humor knocks me out,

  19. love the almond milk cubes and smoothie bowls

  20. Hey sister did you put a glass mason jar in your freezer? Love all the other tips but not sure
    If glass jars can be kept
    In the freezer can you pls let me know for sure tnks🤔.

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