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  1. Good stuff there my friend!

  2. Alaska Family Kitchen

    Thanks for sharing about cooking the meatballs in the air fryer! I was just wondering how they would turn out….they looked great!

  3. Those enchiladas look amazing! You aren't being disloyal eating supper at supper time, they make their decisions to play golf and come in late and aren't upset about the food! The Asian meal looks really good too. In fact it all looks really good! I may need to do something asian or chinese this week to satisfy my cravings. Tim is very methodical/symmetrical cutting that chicken! Is your hand better? I hope it's better.

  4. Delicious looking meals Stacy! Those enchiladas looked yummy and so did the white sauce! I make guacamole the same way. I love it. I think tonight we're having Thai yellow chicken curry with rice. Enjoy your week from Sally and the fur crew! 😊💐❤

  5. Foodamentary: Adventures in Food

    Hi Stacy! Those enchiladas look really good. I made a similar dish last week. It makes a lot, lol. The nachos looked good and the Asian meatballs looked amazing! I hope you and Tim have a wonderful week ahead! ~Andrea

  6. Great ideas!

  7. Oh my goodness, those meals looked amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing. Take care and be blessed.

  8. Courtney Bailey

    Those white sauce chicken enchiladas look so good. I’m adding it to next weeks meal plan.

  9. ❤️❤️❤️…

  10. Everything really looked GREAT this week!! I have a bunch of canned chicken that I want to use up…maybe enchiladas. 😁

  11. Yummy simple dinners, Stacy and Tim thanks for sharing

  12. Massachusetts Prepper

    Everything looks good as always. But I got to tell you the chicken enchiladas and the asian meatballs look really good. Thanks for sharing my friends.

  13. I enjoyed the video. I hope your hand doing much better Love and Blessings

  14. Really goooood for your ideas recipes.. compliments for you.. see you soon dear friend..

  15. All your dinners looked so good! Thank you for the ideas and sharing! ❤️

  16. Catherine's Plate

    Yummy chicken enchiladas. Pork meatballs Asian style sounds delicious. I’ll have to try this in the air fryer. Air fryer chicken looks really good. Nachos, I need to make those. Have a great week.💖😊

  17. Good News Travelers

    Oh I must try those enchiladas 😋 We're home from camping, so doing some catch up on video watching🤓😎💕Blessings

  18. Isabelle Valientine

    I love these!!

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