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Healthy Vegetable Fry Up Cabbage For Sunday Dinner | Recipes By Chef Ricardo


  1. Michelle Harris

    Mandy, I'm so glad y'all liked my recipe and hope it will become a family favorite for many of your subscribers. My husband and I both watched this and he said, "When are you going to make them again?" I don't think I've made them since the holidays last year, so it's time! I want to try the brown rice recipe too. Thanks again for featuring us.

  2. They all look soooo yummy!!!

  3. Omg Mandy please can u email me that last recipe please…That looks incredibly amazing.thanks hugs and loves


  5. Love love your food ……Great Job Please keep up
    Great meals for summer 🌞🌞😃😃😃

  6. Charlene Eastman

    These recipes look amazing can't wait to try them. I do my roasted potatoes just the same.

  7. Rio grande lily

    I'm from NM and chilie here is Hatch Green chilie roasted and added to ground beef and potatoes with sauted onion and garlic. Or Red chile stew made with chunks of stew meat. We make our enchilada sauce from the dried pods. I will be trying yours looks so good. I want to try those burger bundles. Yum.

  8. I really the sequence of your videos start to end… Very detailed.. looks so good

  9. Your husband is the best lol. Either itz really good to him or hes the best actor. I may try to make the taco bake.

  10. Yummy, it's a must try for all these recipes. Thank you.

  11. All these recipes looked delicious. I love your channel. Thank you

  12. MyEveryDayWifeLife

    Your hubby makes great edition to your what’s for dinner! Kudos 🌸👍💜 Great idea of including your subscribers recipes.

  13. Lidia’s family life

    I love that your whole family is helping out in the video! Your food looks so delicious every time your husband is eating something I’m right there with him swallowing along and drooling 🤤

  14. Love your channel! Can you do some instant pot recipes since so many of us own one now?

  15. Love your channel! You are a great cook! So nice to see Michelle’s recipe! Thanks!! 😘

  16. LargeFamilyLove

    New sub from Taylor 😀 your husband reminds me so much of mine. He is usually the star of our videos 😂 all your dinners looked so good!!! Thanks for sharing 😀 I might try to have viewers send in recipes too – what a great idea! If I do I’ll say I got the idea from you ❤️

  17. Stacey Anderson

    Caught ! Funky dance moves.Lol.I do the same thing also😁

  18. I really enjoy these. I’m in grad school and I love to cook.

  19. The subbie super recipe looks delicious! So simple but so fancy! And I love the brown rice recipe, must give them both a try! Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Frugal Family of 6

    Yum…. it all looks so good. Thanks for sharing 🤤🤤🤤

  21. homespuntreasures1

    All your meals looked so yummy but oh my word those beef bundles looked divine. They are so unique I've never seen a recipe like this……you best believe I'm excited to try this one. I also grew up on brown rice made with the beef consume and I love it!!! Thank you for sharing all these recipes….you are the BEST!!! 🙂 ~Dana~

  22. Autumn Ouimette

    All these recipes looked great…wish I could eat but sadly I can only do liquids. Loved your husband's reviews 😂

  23. awesome video! I have never put ketchup in my chili….. hum, my husband makes the chili around here because he and the boys like it extremely hot, he has grown his own ghost peppers to put in it! anyway, ideas! I really want to try the cornbread recipe! I have always use jiffy because I like it sweet, but, it looked really amazing! I need to turn in a recipe! I will think about which one that is my families fav and send it! keep it simple!

  24. Alexandra Austin

    What type of rice did you use in the brown rice recipe? Love the video, will be using these this coming week 😀

  25. I've got to try those burger bundles and brown rice recipe, oh my goodness they look amazing!!!!!!

  26. Every recipe looked fabulous and Michelle’s recipe looks so good

  27. I'm so gonna try Michelle's recipe. It looked so good. Thanx for sharing. Cheers

  28. I really enjoyed this video. I love your channel.

  29. Mandy its so nice that you share meals with us, I do wish you would taste the food with your husband

  30. My mom used to make “brown rice” all the time when I was younger and now I make it for my family! We toast up the rice first in a skillet with half a stick of butter before adding it to a casserole dish with the soup and broth. So good!!

  31. Hi Mandy!!! I'm sending you a recipe for a delicious summer dessert!! So glad I found your channel! New subbie here! <3

  32. HousewifeGlamLife

    OH my gosh I LOVE subbie supper! Even more than I thought I would.

  33. DoleWhipIt Good

    Your hubs is the best reviewer!

  34. Your husband is so good at giving a review ❤️😂

  35. I love your husbands reaction to every meal! So genuine!

  36. Southern Farm and Kitchen

    Awseome video Mandy!

  37. Nice to see you get some help washing up the dishes!

  38. Running On Coffee

    Great recipes and love your husband's reaction tasting the food and his review.💘 Tfs

  39. Your hubby’s response are over the top!! I will save this video to try the chili and brown rice. As you were preparing ingredients for brown rice I knew it was going to been good with French onion soup—I’m going to try the Greek chicken too thanks!!

  40. always wait for his big smile and i know its fit to eat…gonna try these meals were did you get your measuring cups

  41. Have you ever made sloppy Joe meatball sliders?

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