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  1. Annette Atkinson

    Great video….👌

  2. Sophie Klopp Sowa

    oh wow i had goose bumbs <3


  4. Taylor Richards

    Your videography is stunning 💖💖 I’m in Ontario and love seeing other people appreciate how beautiful Canada is 💖also loving that we are getting to see more into your life a little and love seeing Greg on your Channel !

  5. I need that marble bowl!! Where is it from?

  6. The intro and breakfast part felt sooo scripted and simply like an add 🙁

  7. Love her voice 😍

  8. Where can we get this cookware?

  9. Wow. This was gorgeously filmed.

  10. wow i didn't realize canada was so beautiful

  11. I make your pancake recipe at least once a week. It’s so good ❤️

  12. The Discount Vegan

    Love that wrap combo

  13. It is so wonderful to see you with someone who is so supportive and interested in your career here.

  14. Alexis Jankowski

    I loved this video! Love your voices and the yummy food 😻☺️❤️

  15. Wtf is vegan chicken

  16. Cutest dog 😍

  17. Cheryl Eakin-Eubanks

    Cuties! I can’t wait to make the wrap!😋

  18. That all looks yummy. I wrap them like he does. lol. Nice video and relaxing. 🙂 I thought he was a new bf. You guys look great together.

  19. Aw I love what you did with the intro Liv ☺️ it’s so creative and beautiful. I hope you make more videos like this; it was amazing to watch! ❤️

  20. Hair Care Specialist

    Hi if you�re reading this. Please remember you�re beautiful , I hope you are having a wonderful day!

  21. Unbreakable Mahal

    I like how you guys made this video great job guys… And thank you for sharing and I was just looking at this green juice 2 days ago was thinking of getting it… But wasn’t sure if it was a great one but now that I seen your video… Not thinking twice on getting it thank you love you pans and ooo man all that food looks so yummy… Have a bless day guys

  22. Your videography is amazing Liv!

  23. The intro omg…

  24. Johanna Benedick

    Loved the intro ☺️

  25. Looks yummy!! 🙂

  26. Your dog is beautiful ❤️

  27. Also, what is the cookware you use in your videos? They're gorgeous and look very nonstick

  28. OMG your puppy is so CUTE!!!!🥰🥰💜💜 I love this video style btw, and the intro was adorable 😊

  29. That intro tho… traditional TV shows are shakinnnnnggg! 😂 Loved the video!

  30. i will stan Liv B til the day i die

  31. Clara Schneider

    Aww i miss Canada (even though I've only been there for three weeks), beautiful intro!

  32. Gahhhhh makes me want to go back to NS soooo bad!

  33. can you taste the protein powder? I'm not a fan but like the idea of adding more protein

  34. I really like Greg's voice 😊 It's very soothing. But yours is too, Liv ❣ Perfect match 💕

  35. I just love how balanced you are with food. Sometimes I get so caught up in eating as "clean" as possible, and feel bad when I eat some treats. But you have helped me see that balance is key to a healthy relationship with food! Been watching you for years, and everything just keeps getting better. Thank you, Liv <3

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