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  1. Why don't we have all those amazing and unusual nut butters in Germany?! 😡😩

  2. Not sure if you can get this in the UK, but I absolutely LOVE NuttZo's Power Fuel crunchy. It has Brazil nuts in it and so I was skeptical at first, but it tastes mostly like cashew butter. There's also chia seeds & pumpkin seed bits in it!!! So good

  3. What’s the problem with white potatoes?

  4. This mans looks malnourished

  5. Julia Thorpe-smith

    Yassss! Coconut yogurt is bomb
    Coyo is great if you have Nakula coconut yogurt in the UK I definitely recommend 👌🏼 they have a vegan chocolate mousse as well 💁🏼‍♀️
    Love your videos
    Have a beautiful day 😘💚

  6. I had a very similar salad with the potatoes today it was so satisfying I stuffed my face and didn't feel guilty at all. ALSO though, does anyone know where and what kind of hemp he gets?

  7. I always click the like button even before the video has began because I know It’s gonna be a good video and do with every video god I actually love you miles you have got me through so much shit so much love 💖🙌🏽

  8. Try RX nut butter please

  9. נתנאל שן

    Try swapping hummus on the salad for a lot more tahinni.. we also dilute the tahinni with water and lemon to make it less thick and more creamy

  10. ratljost ratljost

    That salaaaaad!
    By the way, does anyone know if jars ofpeanut butter are allowed in handluggage in a plane?
    Also, I'll be going to London soon, any recommendations for vegan treats (cafés, restaurants, stores, snackbars etc.) And can you buy Vivolife products in physical stores in London?
    Cheers! Greetings from the very flat and boring Netherlands.

  11. do hummus reviews aswell

  12. Lotte Berendsen

    Is this all you eat in a day or do you also eat snacks in between meals or desserts?

  13. Leslie Montemayer

    Aslan is adorable….you should make him your co-star in your videos. 😁

  14. 2:39 *peanut butter*😂

  15. omg what a convenient upload I JUST got home from the gym and am about to make myself some dinner!! thanks Miles <3

  16. I’d like to be Vegan but I have a very severe nut allergy – does anyone have any advice/resources to get around this? I’m currently vegetarian

  17. Ottavia Zwillenberg

    Coyo makes me feel nauseous—I prefer nush yoghurt.

  18. Can you be my valentine!!!! That salad look amazing( I think you drop the e?)

  19. YeshuaJesusisking V

    So hungry 😑

  20. Did he just- he just… put nutritional yeast in yoghurt…?

  21. I wish we had that peanut butter in the USA!! 😫. We should totally do a swap! We send you Trader Joe’s almond butter and you send out the good nut butters you can only get in the UK!! ❤️ BTW I’m now completely addicted to the Trader Joe’s almond butter and the Chocolate Pip and Nut brand after seeing them both on your videos!

  22. Carol Brandenberg

    What's Sweet Tree Sauce? Can I find it in the US?

  23. "Is this child abuse?" ahahah

  24. Literally my parents made a salad the other day and when I tasted it I said “ugh this needs some liquid gold” hahahaha they were like what

  25. "Peanut butterrr" 😂 that's exactly how I say it!

  26. Andrea Anderson

    Miles, put a damp paper towel under your cutting board to keep it from sliding.

  27. Oh that bakewell butter sounds incredible!!! Anyone else have trouble with avocado tasting like soap?? Really wanna like them but they taste yuck to me 🤢 unless there’s cacao and coconut milk involved and then nom 😂.

  28. If Mcdougall comments on a video, i swear I am gonna pass out 😀

  29. Is Aslan a football fan? Who is he cheering for in the champions league finale?

  30. Miles: " The only ingredient in this peanut butter is peanut butter"
    I hope u meant peanuts lol love that bro

  31. What I eat in a day as a narcissist.

  32. "McDougal secretly eats this" I'm dead 🤣

    Love this channel <3

  33. Is it camber bay? I want to go there

  34. Danielle love&peace

    I don't know when you will or even if you want children but I feel like if you do your first child will grow up having the same relationship with Aslan (sorry if spelled wrong) as you 2 do only rolls reversed like he or she will be Aslans "child"

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