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  1. Enjoy this What I Eat In A Day! Thank you so much for watching <3

  2. Love these videos so relaxing to watch.

  3. Ahhhhh you wear Glasses? They look really good on ya Liv! ^_^

  4. Whole Wheat Bread + 1

  5. Thank you for the beautiful video!
    Be careful when you are buying Chinese matcha as it’s known for high lead content 😊

  6. Congrats! 💕💕💕💕

  7. U look so pretty with glasses on ! 🤩❤️

  8. Heather Chinoski

    Love foursigmatic! What's your pizza crust recipe?

  9. Lucy Ann O'Neill

    Yesss I love your channel soooo much! My fave are your healthy recipe vids bc I have to be on some special diet from my doctor and I am also gluten free bc of dietary issues and I just want to eat pizza and bread all the time lmaoo but I can't and I have yet to find a decent gluten free pasta brand that tastes like DeCecco

  10. Angelica’s Recovery

    All of your food choices look really good!

  11. CONGRATS on being a doctor now!!!! So proud! I was wondering, did you got to a normal university that offered Naturopath classes or did you go to an only Naturopathic school? Here in the U. s colleges don't offer that. Also, what is the song In the background called??☺️💕

  12. Hi! 🌸 I really love your videos and all the meal ideas. Thank you for putting so much love into them!💕 But there is a single thing that really makes me wonder about. It's just the tiny amount of food that you are consuming. If I would eat like this everyday i would totally loose a lot of weight. I have to eat more than twice as much as you do to even hold my weight. 🙁 Please tell me that you're eating more ❤️ It seems not enough to me. Please don't take this as a hate. I'm just a little worried.

  13. Treasure Van Laeken

    Thanks for the great ideas 💕

  14. i'd love to try four sigmatic but they are waaay to expensive for me!

  15. Congratulations on being a doctor and inspired by you, how you hiked, burned 1500+ calories and walked 35,000 steps.. wow girl. Take care of your ankle So proud of you of being a doctor and your efforts. ❤️❤️❤️🤗

  16. Legs of Octopus • Food & Lifestyle

    Love this kind of videos 💕

  17. Always love these kinds of videos! Working in a hospital, I have soooo little time to prepare my meals for the day if I don't want to buy every meal.
    Maybe I'll film what I pack for work, too. Anyways, always love the inspiration!

  18. Tabassum Khatib

    Since we muslims are fasting in the month of ramadan, could you maybe make a video on healthy foods that we could break the fast with pls.

  19. Tabassum Khatib

    Love you…such a inspirational person

  20. Hi first

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