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  1. Love how you keep it real. Thank you.♥️

  2. Such an enthusiastic and simple way to create meals. Love your channel. Keep at it! 😊

  3. ♥️

  4. I have to ask two questions
    1. How do you deal with kids sports/ extra curricular activities?
    2. What are your plans for the summer when kids have no schedule??

  5. Really appreciate this video and what you eat in a day.

  6. I loved the tip to make a double bath of mashed potatoes and freeze half 🙂

  7. Andreea Dehelean

    Keep it up you are doing a great job with the channel! 😘

  8. So glad to have found this video and your channel! We too, have a large family (6 kids) and we are transitioning into plant based.

  9. Ennoying this content, does your partner take left overs to work the next day or something else? I am currently taking dinner left overs but am looking for some vegan lunch ideas that are cheap! :edit: also what is the best TVP you have found?

  10. Bethany Litchfield

    I'm loving doing sweet potato different ways and carrots too. A veggie Curry is delish

  11. I also notice you have a low carb diet which is supposed to be one of th ebest for many diseases,especially hormonal and i am sure other diseases.My chemist who is very knowlegable told me it is one of the best diets.

  12. just want to say that veg protein usually is made with soy and soy is goitragenic and also it is not good for those with estrogen dominant.i usually try to avoid soy if possible and would love to hear from you or others who know of products like this but without soy or unorganic corn.

  13. Love your videos!!! What do you mean by "under the grill"?

  14. great format!!! love it!! thank you for sharing 🙂

  15. April, City Girl to Country Wife

    I thought your meals looked good as far as anyone criticizing how many of us could put our life or what we eat out there and not get judgement.

  16. can you do a video on the burtito bowl mince thing like a how you do it from scratch? 😀 I have it and i never use it, it's dry correct? super high in protein!

  17. I'm new and i've been binge watching your video I love them 😀

  18. Please can you show us the recipe for tvp slow cooker dish. thanks

  19. Wow! I'm New to your channel! I feel like so much of your content is really applicable to me! I just moved to Australia, I'm vegan, minimalist.. my husband and i don't have kids YET but that's the only difference. I am definitely subscribing! Also, your voice is so reassuring 🤗

  20. You eat simply, but I must say not very healthy.

  21. I love your videos and was surprised to see you are so new! You will be amazing on YouTube, keep doing what you're doing!! Xx

  22. Your videos are inspiring! No judgement, I’m just wondering why you use so many commercial meat substitutes? Wouldn’t a slow cooker of black beans be a cheaper, healthier alternative? I’m mostly vegan too but my family is just low-meat. I regularly cook a big batch of beans or lentils in my Instapot (under an hour from dry to cooked) and we eat beans several times a week. Friday nights are homemade veggie pizza, veg primavera with pasta and mushrooms, etc. etc. Just an idea!

  23. Really enjoyed watching what you eat.

  24. Please share your TVP recipes!

  25. I am a fairly new subscriber and have really enjoyed the content of your channel, especially as you are a fellow Aussie. Question about the frozen brocolie, do you put it under the griller frozen or thaw first. many thanks, bless you, Michelle

  26. Love all these simple meals literally how I eat and the more simple the better for your heath and bank account! People don’t realise either how much you can do with staples like Rice, oats, potatoes and veggies

  27. I shouldn't have watched before having breakfast 😂

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