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3 Vegan Easy Lunch Ideas (No-Cook)


  1. This video is so so perfect!!! I am always looking for healthy vegan and super easy recipe ideas 🙂 Thank you so so much and please make more 🙂

  2. Anna Wickström MBGY

    Wow, all of the dishes look amazingly delicious!! Definitely going to make this for uni! Thank you for inspiring us!

  3. Hi Bony! I love your videos thank you for your vegan ideas, I would love to put spanish subtitles in your videos, if you are interested, let me know, Argentina loves you!

  4. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. what kind of bread were you using because it looked soooo good😍 also im vegan and these look like amazing lunches to try! I actually love the chickpea salad but I make it a little different! love the video!!

  6. some fab ideas there! But crikey I couldn't manage two rounds of sandwich lol even as a vegan i don't have a big appetite! I'd explode with 2 rounds.😂😂

  7. Has to be one of the most realistic and yummy vegan lunch boxes ever. I have buckwheat noodles, carrots and cabbage!

  8. Hi Bonny!!
    Where did you get that water bottle you used to pour out some water?
    Lots of love xx

  9. I love you so much and you have actually inspired me to go vegan so thank you so much for that I appreciate it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. 8:39 your face looks amazing haha Love you

  11. I just made the chickpea tuna mixture like 5 minutes ago and tasted it and it is so good! 😄

  12. Ruby Clementina

    i did the tuna sandwich one!!! HOLY COW I LOVE IT THANK YOU BONNY💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  13. Loved this!

  14. Looks like she got vegan lentil GAS!!

  15. Whaaat!?!? These were ALL so SOLID! And dude you are hella cute! I'm subscribing right now.

  16. Sunnettle 12199

    This looks SO GOOD!!! I'm definently going to stay vegan. Just decided on a whim with a close friend like "Hey, I'm gonna go vegan wrh you!"

  17. what breads do you use? I find it so hard to find a vegan bread. probably one of the most frustrating parts when I grocery shopping.

  18. which processor did you use ?

  19. Emelia Söderlund

    Hey 7000 more likes please, I want another one !! 🤗

  20. Hanneke Angela Kabic Peters


  21. What drawing tablet do you use?

  22. I loveeee your recipes videos!!! Always awesome ideas and exactly what I would like! Thanks for the inspiration <3

  23. 8:38 to 8:39 is funny as heck

    also great recipies!!

  24. Kübra Ece Türk

    I made your sauces and the little snack balls, amazing 😍

  25. Natalee Wilhite

    You are so amazing and inspirational❤️

  26. Marisol Santoyo

    these were super simple and creative recipes! I just subbed!

  27. Quianna Copperbox

    aw I loved this video!! my fav thing to take for lunch is a quinoa-bean salad that I prep! I make turmeric quinoa, mix in kidney beans, greens, tomatoes, and nutritional yeast and then use the batch for the whole school week!

  28. gardenofeden123

    Ok I'm making them all. 😍😍

  29. Sandra McDonald

    These look amazing! What brand of tahini do you use?

  30. girl for happiness

    Great video! Do you get sometimes comments about your food and portion size? i always get 'omg this looks huge' 'do you can eat so much'

  31. what bread do you use!? it looks so good!!

  32. Cool. Might be helpful to some people. I wont be having those but im sure they must taste pretty good. Nice knowing the direct stuff u use in making these snack though

  33. Valentina Dujakovic

    I think that's the best lunch box idea video that I've ever seen!! omg bonny xxoo

  34. Madison Haschak Officual Channel

    i love you so much happy belated birthday i am new and 5 seconds into this video i subbed because i know i need you

  35. These are all so delicious looking!!! I'm wondering how long in advance you can make these though as I usually do all my meal prep on Sundays for the week :O

  36. My goal is always to cook and eat like you 😂 I thought i remembered you mentioning a new recipe book you're working on? Any idea when you'll be releasing one?

  37. Noémie Leboeuf

    such great ideasssss!!!!! 💚

  38. Grace Carpenter

    Those wraps look so amazing. Never seen any wraps in supermarkets like that.. they're always Italian style ones… so full of chemicals I never like to buy them

  39. what sliced bread do you use?

  40. Hey Bonny, this is my second week as a vegan. I just started using Chronometer and realised I am not getting enough macros at all. Problem is that my vegan lunch is so good a big that I don't have space for snacking. I think I am eating too little but I just don't get hungry :s what to do I don't want to lose weight!

  41. I NEED to make all of these meals!!
    BTW: I almost screamed when you said you didn't really like temphe, haha, I really enjoy it myself but you definitely have to play around with it to make it tasty! 😀
    Great video! <3

  42. Virginia Canestrari

    hello bonny! I'm an italian girl and i've followed you for a long time! i love your video so much and i would like to open a channel like yours. could you please tell me which programme do you use to make your videos? thank you so much !! you're fantastic!!

  43. bonny i just discovered your channel and i absolutely LOVE your vlogs !!!! (coming from someone who never watches vlogs) love your positivity!!!! please make more vlogs <3

  44. Awesome video Bonny!! 🌱👍 I'm also from Australia and curious as to what bread you used? I know lots of breads that a vegan but just want to know what brand you choose, Thanks 😃

  45. I'm not vegan(but a foodie and strangely addicted to vegan cooking channels) but these recipes looks SO good. I'm going to try all of them I think, especially the satay sandwich and the wrap

  46. I loved the satay tofu sandwich idea!!!

  47. I'm really impressed by you're videos, you're such an inspiration! But I have a question, what do you do when you eat somewhere else (like you're family or friends house) ? This lifestyle seems amazing but I would feel guilty in some situations.. do you have any good tips? Love from the Netherlands! 💛

  48. Jewels_Rx Annie

    Damn it I'm hungry nowww:/

  49. Are you still friends with Essena?

  50. Kathryn Rollins

    Yum Bonny! Good shit. Loveeeet.

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