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  1. These look great-I’m definitely making that lasagna soon!😳 My son and I are the only vegans, so I usually have to cook a lot if I want to eat….😬 My son picked out your cinnamon roll pancakes for Christmas breakfast along with roasted potatoes and fruit. I’m making your lentil loaf with mashed potatoes and gravy and we’re having lots of veggie sides. I’m making a peppermint chocolate pie with coco whip for dessert….yum! ☺️

  2. I already have my Christmas meals sorted but I'll definitely be trying the risotto once the festive season is over!

  3. Yay, i'm going to try to make the lasagna for christmas dinner 🙂

  4. damn girl that lasagna 😍

  5. Ooh yes! I grew up withthe stouffers veggie lasagna too! Yum! Memories

  6. so do we not wash our rice before cooking them…? 🤔

  7. 🎄 😘

  8. Omg I used to love that frozen lasagna! I’ll definitely be making this soon

  9. 🎄 OMG RISOTTO !!!

  10. 🎄 🙂

  11. damn girl..my mouth is watering

  12. You have out done yourself. Wow. Thank you so much.

  13. My family eats a basic Canadian Christmas dinner which includes vegan "turkey" (usually stuffed gardein), mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry/orange sauce, veggies (usually carrots & peas or broccoli, and a salad with vegan ranch dressing. For dessert we usually have strawberry rhubarb and or pumpkin pie, sometimes apple; with vegan ice cream or whipping cream. Later on we have nutnogg with christmas cookies and sing carols. I look forward to this "basic Canadian Christmas meal" every year! Which we only eat twice a year – Christmas & Thanksgiving (which is in October in Canada). #veganchristmas 😀

  14. I'll be making a hearty potato leek soup or Italian wedding soup (with vegan meatballs, of course!), and some fancy side dishes.

  15. You should try holiday vegan desserts!♡ for a video

  16. Deliiiiciouuus!! Love both

  17. I love your videos and your recipes. They are awesome. But I cannot listen to you because you talk fast AF.

  18. Can you PLEASE TALK SLOWLY? you talk WAY TOO FAST.

  19. Neat whisk!

  20. Evolution of Masha

    Yum! That lasagna looks fire!!! I don't think I ever had white sauce lasagna. Must try tho!

  21. Wow! The risotto with portobello steaks and the lasagna both look amazing.

  22. I love how you plated the mushroom risotto up with the extra mushrooms & asparagus!

  23. Learning with Lexie

    🎄🎄 I hope you’re having a wonderful day love! I’ve been really enjoying these videos (:

  24. On Christmas Eve, all my family comes over & we have sandwiches!! SO non-traditional, but that's how we do it! We play games all night, open presents & just kind of snack as the night goes on!!

  25. For the mushroom risotto, you said we have to serve it immediately. Does this mean we can’t save some for leftovers?

  26. Your voice sounds deeper than usual. Do you have a cold? If so, feel better! These recipes look delicious. Will definitely be trying!

  27. Danniel Eyali Qeletti el-Kurdi

    Both look Great!! Especially the Lasagna. Loving it!!

  28. I need to make both!!

  29. I love the intro of your video! So pretty with all the plants 🌿

  30. Love those recipes, I'm definitely going to make the risotto because as you already said, who doesn't love mushrooms 😂😍
    My Christmas dinner this year is going to be: portabello mushrooms topped with a Christmasy chestnut cranberry filling, roastet rosemary potatoes, brussel sprouts (ironically I'm spending Christmas in Brussels this year haha), red cabbage and a red wine gravy 😍 I'm suuuper excited!

  31. I wanna try them 😍😍😍😍

  32. No many people are skipping oil when cooking now, I don’t really get it!

  33. Looks fab.

  34. Vegan posole with seitan 🤤🤤🤤 soooo good

  35. 🎄🎅

  36. 🎄 Might just have to make that lasagna for Christmas!


  38. What do you do if you hate nutritional yeast? 🙁

  39. This is actually perfect. I've only really gone vegan this year so this was super helpful when I was thinking, what can I make for me over the holidays, thanks Caitlin! 🙂

  40. Both look great but the risotto I would try first.

  41. so yummy

  42. 🌲🌲👍 love the recipes

  43. I am going to be making this Lasagna for Christmas and I'm so excited to try it out!!

  44. It's kind of donked up that some of the ads on your videos are for Omaha steaks lol

  45. 🎄here’s my Christmas tree Caitlin! And I would love to try both recipes they look so good!

  46. Unfortunately, mushroom risotto is not something I would EVER eat bc I hate both mushrooms and risotto.

  47. Your way of talking is very catchy (??) I cant describe it exactly… Your intrinsic motivation is just so true and cute. How your mouth moves? xD (Yep, thats creepy…) I literally forgot to breathe because I fall into some kind of hypnosis while watching the beginning/ending of this vid 😀 My gf is kinda jealous because I told her you're crazy fascinating. Nevertheless, great recipes 🙂

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