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  1. Holy F***! Content aside, this video has terrible audio mixing, voice is super quiet, then switches to absurdly loud music during showcase shots …

  2. Balanced goodness!!! <3 One word: gazmaster! Gaz. master.

  3. Mufin Makes Music

    17:15 xD

  4. So many great ideas. Thanks for showing us how you do it. I am concerned that so much emphasis is placed on protein, tho. It's one of the big, growing bigger, diseases we are suffering nowadays. Kidney disease is rampant. There is a dialysis clinic on every corner now. No matter what your lifestyle, your body won't use the excess and will try to rid your body of it through the kidneys. The result, in the long run, is kidney disease. You won't have much warning. I have lost friends and relatives because of protein rich diets which led to kidney disease. Eating a high carb/low protein diet will keep the wolves away from the door.

  5. Just bought your book. Cant wait!!!

  6. Irena The Ginger

    Another awesome video, as usual! Could you do something for Easter in one of your upcoming videos?

  7. We need a vegan keto show

  8. Nikola Poláková

    You're the sweetest. And Sundays are even better with your uploads. Lots of love.


  10. what you are doing with the plantain, here in Colombia we call it plátano/platanito maduro. It IS the best thing in the world

  11. I LOVE your vengan meals

  12. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️💕💪🏼

  13. What is planktin or plantan. Is it just ripe banana & what is wild rice.

  14. You will get 1million subscribers! At 1million you open your restaurant and at 2 you'll make it a chain, the vegan 100 food revolution chain!

  15. Today I batch cooked some black beans for the week and I happen to have a plantain at home, so I will definitely make the chili this week! But the amount of protein you mention for the black beans is for the dry not the cooked ones!

  16. Vita Janceviciene

    Love it! Please more more more!!! More meals to work! 🙂

  17. I only eat meat once a day now. Your channel has really helped enhancing my vegan dinners.

  18. I’m glad you talked about the need to correctly cool rice. A lot of people aren’t aware of this. 👍

  19. Yum! More delicious recipes for me, thank you!

  20. Filomena Kandola

    Very creative! Lovely recipes.

  21. Instead of the dried apricot could you use raisins? Because I really don't like most dried fruit, especially apricot 😀

  22. Charlie Van Horn

    skip adding processed "protein" nonsense….ALL PLANTS AND FRUITS ARE PLANT PROTEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Use leafy greens instead.

  23. Gaz makes my heart giddy 😁

  24. Unfortunately I don't digest beans or chickpeas which is always the main source of vegan protein. It gives me bad tummy ache

  25. Gaz, you should review the food at Unity Diner!

  26. keep doing what your doing mate. your have a chain of restaurants in no time. dont let the fame change you though.

  27. Do u use canned beans?

  28. I wanna help ima send u to all my friends

  29. Shraddha Ranawat


  30. the black beans i get, have only 5g of protein per 100g

  31. Praise the Lord Christ Jesus! I'm missing the glass ones. Your attractive voice befits your cuisine, nevertheless the background vocalist is a vexation. Maybe melodious instrumental music instead? Your location is so warm, relaxing, comforting, and the live plants are gorgeous! Blessings, and enrichment in Christ Jesus our Creator! (Loved the "phone"!)✝️🤴🌱

  32. looks so yummy!!

  33. hahahhaa I love that youre always dead seirous and then your personality shines true really strong sometimes hahhaha your sense of humor is fire. More of thaat plz

  34. Somebody tell me the benefits of going vegan? Does the food actually taste good? What about soy for men?

  35. Bro I’m broke. I can’t do so many fresh ingredients 😭

  36. Will your restaurant be in Sheorditch?? 😄

  37. You really should do a vegan "Pastel de Nata" they are quite popular in Portugal and in britain aswell.

  38. Amazing. Love it

  39. You make everything look amazing. I don't work out at the gym, I just want to eat healthy and lose some weight along the way. Would the losing weight apply to these meals?

  40. This looks way more exciting/more yummy than those typical meal prep videos of chicken breasts, plain brown rice, and plain steamed broccoli.

  41. This is easily one of my favorite videos you’ve ever posted! These recipes look incredible 😍🤤

  42. Its dinner time and was thinking something different to eat and here we are 😄😋

  43. Would love to know some gluten free cooking 🙂

  44. I'm not much of a gym goer but have been vegan for a year and a half -is it a common misconception that if I have a lot of protein like in these meals for example would it increase my weight ?? If not I'm gassed to try these recipes ! I also have your book xD x

  45. I love plantain 😊😊👏👏👏

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