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  1. apart from the sauce it's super healthy, so who cares about the sauce? it's healthy for the mind! good job, looks yummy, thanks for sharing this

  2. That butter life!!! The butter life is the better life 😄

  3. Looks good 👍Definitely going to try this and I will add some chopped celery in my bowl😋Thx for the recipe Lisa😘

  4. You are so fun and I love the recipes!!

  5. Mary's Test Kitchen


  6. Why is there no chicken included in this chicken bowl? Do not call it a "chicken" bowl when it doesn't include chicken.

  7. My husband wants to try this! I cannot wait to hit up the store!

  8. When you said a lot of butter and then put in like a tbsp, I was like, “Huh??” I was picturing like a half cup of butter or something. 😆 I would say that is a healthy & delicious meal. There’s veggies in there! Love it. 🙂

  9. Chubby Vegan Girl

    I think this will be lunch next week!!! Thank you! Meal planning done and I have soy curls in my freezer.

  10. Omg I love this idea, I’m eating this for lunch today 😋 thank you

  11. I love your TShirt =D

  12. its a perfect amount of butter x

  13. Elliot Reynolds

    The reason I love you is because you eat normal food! It's more realistic as a vegan haha. I don't wanna have a smoothie everyday or eat kale and avacodo only lol

  14. This looks amazing! I love soy curls so I will definitely be trying this!!

  15. Hello, Lisa! What do you think about using frozen tofu on this recipe? I love hot, spicy food too!

  16. OMGGG 🤩🤩 Where did u get the shirt?!? I gotta get it for my son!!

    Btw, the food looks delish too lol

  17. Don't forget the quinoa recipe!

  18. Love the montage 🥰so healing! I think this meal looks pretty healthy 🥰🥰🥰

  19. You tell 'em.

  20. Marisa Bradshaw

    this looks amazing!!! i love me some soy curls!!!!!

  21. Plant Based Princess

    Literally looks SO BOMB

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