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  1. I needed to hear that about the toxic stuff I'm feeding myself, especially when it comes to the people around me… thank you, love you Mrs. Tab

  2. Stumbling on this video …and I really need to hear the message or messages …I received it ….about to add more greens 😁

  3. You too cute!!

  4. Lifestyle Live With Catherine W

    Do you like Kombucha?

  5. Thank u so much! Please so do more bkfst ideas! I just bought i shirt today and i cant wait to wear it! I hope u make a shirt about greens..lol id buy one forsure! Like those shirts that speak about calm down i had coffee, calm down i had my greens…yes, please! Love u, god bless❤

  6. I love that thing you’re wearing!!! Where did u get it?

  7. 💯💕💗❣️💓❤️💓💚💫

  8. Thats right sis, tell em! I am trying to wean off of all of that myself. Meat, eggs and dairy…I will start with the meat but before this year is over, all gone!

  9. Shani Marvelous

    Breakfast!!! My favorite meal of the day! 💗🧡💗

  10. I love you to pieces!! I needed this message, thank you!❤❤

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