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  1. Italian guy cooking here. Some thoughts:

    1) The recipe and execution is perfect, hat tip to you!
    2) As a suggestion, you can use multiple cheese and multiple peppers, I have tried with mixed results;
    3) Not related to the recipe itself but a different pan would really help you with mixing the ingredients, we use a so called "saltapasta" or "pasta stir fry pan" or something like that, alluminum would be better for even heat propagation;
    4) You probably should mention that only quality pasta has that quantity of starch, commercial brands are no good;
    5) If I had to experiment I'd try by preheating the cheese mix in a sous vide bag, but it's just an idea;

    Can't wait for the follow up!

  2. Bravo!!

  3. Ive been here for awhile and i tried this recipe and it is deliciousssssssssssss i won a cook of with my brother

  4. listen..if nobody tries to make anything better, we will be stuck forever. People always asume there is NO way certain things can be improved on, and in some cases its true. bUTT by questioning tradition, we create new tradition

  5. Usually it's south Italians that get offended on food at the north we just care about wine and drinking

  6. Isn't time for the next fase: CABONARA. You can do it, Alex. I know

  7. Now I know where the Minecraft's slime mob sound comes from

  8. So let me get this straight. As an emulsifier, the starch from the pasta water prevents the cheese and water separating?

  9. Full Retard Custom Guns

    Chef boy' ardee makes a pretty good turd. Just saying.

  10. Casey Neistat of cooking

  11. somehow, i do not find this appetizing

  12. Looks like a gourmet Mac ‘n cheese

  13. Emile Lord Ayotte

    Dude you can't make amatriciana with Cacio e pepe…. Those two are so, so different.

  14. Devin du Plessis

    Okay, I got my ingredients, Friday I try this. Any tips?

  15. Your office is reminiscent of Casey Neistats 👌🏽

  16. Alex I must have a little French in me.

  17. Giuseppe Montesanto

    Did you know there is a corner of hell just for people who use parmigiano for pasta alla cacio e pepe?

  18. 666laughingtarget

    buccatini, enough said

  19. I almost jumped off of a bridge Everytime the fork scraped the plate. I HATE that noise

  20. you're funny as hell, and most importantly the content of the video is on point. Keep doing it!

  21. Bravo Alex! You're a big step to Italian-French friendship (more than our politicians)

  22. My friend you moved me !!! You did everything impeccably, but above all you fully understood how important and difficult this recipe is!
    Thank you, you have fully grasped our idea of ​​cooking !!

  23. Simon Taavoniku

    Black peppeeeeeeehrh. xD

  24. Love this recipe. Thank you so much for your gift to me sharing this.

  25. Ok but how do I keep the cheese from making clumps when I add it? I've tried it five times and can never do it right! This was the best thing I ate whilst in Italy and I need to have it again 😪

  26. les gilets jaunes cherchent un nouveau président

  27. Spacekraft Media

    AAAAHHHH! I've tried this twice now and failed. I just get water and a glob of melted cheese. What is going wrong? If I put less water the sauce never gets smooth.

  28. Hey alex! I saw a comment on an old Brothers Green video saying you wanted to try the $50/week Vegan challenge. I would love to see you try (that or some other week-long budget challenge)!

  29. Gracias 😊

  30. No bötter, no cream, no öööiijl… ohh lala

  31. finally an Italian dish as it should be done !!! good preparation, you have not kept the cheese on direct fire etc. etc. excellent. It is not wrong to mix the pecorino with parmigiano to soften the taste a little. After so many "experts" finally someone who knows what he is talking about …. greetings from Italy.

  32. Niccolò Ricardi

    Tu fais cacio e pepe avec le comté, mec??!!
    La prochaine fois je vais faire tartiflette, fondue ou raclette avec pecorino sardo juste pour vengeance!

    je rigole jusque tu reconnais les differences et les origines c'est bon 😉
    moi aussi ici à Genève j'ai du faire des pizzoccheri avec du comté car on va pas trouver le juste fromage

  33. C’est chauuuud!

  34. I'm always glad to see non Italians catch the drift of what the real deal behind "simple" pasta dishes is; because for one it's the only way to really appreciate Italian cuisine at its fullest and two it's a totally different experience which shows how it's possible to totally blow people away with apparently "easy" food, appreciating and valorizing the extremely high quality of the ingredients of the Italian tradition.

    But let me tell you of another pasta dish that is even harder to get right: Aglio olio e peperoncino (garlic oil and red pepper which are literally the only 3 ingredients in the dish)… this is truly one that is amazingly easy to make in a mediocre, passable way but becomes a real nightmare when you are trying to strike the perfect balance (which is the only way which lets you taste the real thing). It's incredibly easy  to mess up and make it too garlicky, too hot or too greasy, while trying to balance the 3 elements and the pasta HAS to be cooked to absolute perfection too or your experience is going to be underwhelming at best.
    If you haven't already I suggest you try it 😉

    Beautiful video, thank you!

  35. Music?

  36. Two dogs Garrett

    Vivaldi and Cacio e Pepe. Perfect!

  37. Fabio Walter Florio

    Just a comment: there are a couple of imperfections. But I bet 99% of cooking people worldwide cannot make it like this

  38. Gabriele Bonetti

    Tank you for your service to an often mistreated receipe

  39. Observer 395-2 West

    Add chopped sage.

  40. Observer 395-2 West

    Starts at 5:10

  41. Borja Barbadillo

    When the spanish food?

  42. Margarita Otero

    hahaha great content! I love the….. I do not b@tch for free! you are brilliant! thanks for sharing:)

  43. I'm an American my pasta comes in a blue box that says kraft on it.MAC N CHEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSEEEEEE!

  44. Gianni Sorrentino

    I found hilarious when I'm watching an english video and italian words unexpectedly appears🤣

  45. J'adore les pâtes

  46. When I tried making this, the cheese sort of clumps up at the bottom of the pan. Is it because I have the heat too high?

  47. Welcome to European mac n cheese 😛

  48. Andrea Di Quirico

    You did the recipe in a very respectful way, my appreciations and respect to you.

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