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  1. Сергей Алемаев


  2. Basting a chicken in whisked chicken egg white. Cruel joke on the chicken

  3. 这么多芝麻香死了啊

  4. – Do u want your chicken boiled, roasted or fried?
    – Yes

  5. i am only 10 seconds in and i know this is going to be a tasty tasty tasty video! greeeeat production value guys!

  6. Stevie Anderson

    I must have missed something

  7. Mixed sauce???

  8. Only 20 seconds in water, I can't believe!

  9. Can’t wait to try this!!!

  10. The way was fresh but the chickens were not leveled.

  11. Wow amazing 😉 and looks yummy 😋

  12. Yep delicious

  13. Omg I have to try this recipe 🍗

  14. Without seasoning, 🥶

  15. oranjeleeuwinnen nederland

    Amazing those skills

  16. GAGS Entertainment


  17. At first I was skeptical, thinking to myself "how can it be juicy if they dont cut it open" then he ripped it the chicken leg off, and then realized that's one juicy chicken

  18. Zargabubblebath

    2:58 Good lord the juice 😍


    جميل جدا كالعادة شاف

  20. Dr.Vijayan Raju

    Is this called hot burning bathing in oil😫……..😜😜😜

  21. Y put seasonings on chicken if u just gonna boil it…

  22. 🇰🇷HappyHapa83🇺🇲

    Your technique is astounding. Thank you 😘✌

  23. Uhum an I the only one watch but didn't try this home ;-;

  24. …. how is that cooked? Only 20 seconds in boiling water, then throw some hot oil over just the top? Id love to see a cross section cut because that cannot be fully cooked thru…

  25. What is the first item cut


    This looks like the best grilled chicken coated with chilies in Vietnam.

  27. Wow. For those that don’t know what sand ginger is, it’s galangal. You can usually get it at an Asian grocery store.

  28. Cooked to oblivion

  29. Ayman Mhamed COOM01282781455. AbdAmoyt

    I am a chef in Egypt thanks for learning new thinking

  30. Why didn't you cut it?
    We want to see inside too 😔

  31. The chicken taking Oil Bath 😂😂😂

  32. That's certainly different. Nice job.

  33. The technique is phenomenal.

  34. After eating this dish it feels like we are eating til ka ladoo in makarsankranti

  35. Nice

  36. Why does this dude always use so much oil? It's as if he thinks he can't cook anything without using at least a gallon of oil everytime he cooks.

  37. LethalCssPlayer

    I love Chinese food man its so diverse and tasty! Also how do i get this chef to cook for me 😀

  38. For how long do I have to bath oil to the chicken?

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