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  1. My mother had a similar product from Fuller Brush- if you remember them. Also try adding anchovy’s to the potato salad , it will be awesome !

  2. That’s not potato salad idgaf what he says. Pork looks fire though. This is my second comment btw

  3. Your old egg slicer really shows how much larger eggs (and chickens) are now.

  4. I'm MOT so I can say this, Isn't it Ironic, that the Pork Foundation sponsors a Jewish guy to cook us Pork?

  5. Your to awesome man you have such a fun outlook at this

  6. Rowland Custom Woodworking - Phillip Rowland

    This looks great! On the keto diet, we need the extra fat though, so this needs to be wrapped in bacon. lol

  7. Patrick Walker

    This is this first G rated video from Sam I've ever seen. Well maybe PG as there one derogatory word said.

  8. I love that he puts bacon in almost everything

  9. “I have something like it that I use… it’s called a knife” 😂👌

  10. Sam the cooking guy> Gordon Ramsey

  11. Woah we see his toe!!!

  12. Shane Montgomery

    Not a big celery fan…but the potato salad looked fab!

  13. Charles Carlson

    I have been watching some of your old videos. What happened to Jackie?

  14. Can product info be listed for the instant read thermometer? The one used for this video differs from the one listed in the kitchen must-haves section. Thanks, love the channel!

  15. Having a BBQ after golf this coming Saturday. I know what I’m making!

  16. Professor Adlerrobbe

    So i guess cutting your boiled eggs for salads and sandwiches with a "cutting machine" is just a thing here in germany? Most people even have a 2in1 cutter where you can make quarters and are also able to cut the eggs into slices. These look beautiful as a decoration and are perfect for sandwiches (best with salami and some thin sliced gherkins).

  17. Thanks love the pork tenderloin tacos 🌮! Keep them coming. Still waiting for Donair. Thanks

  18. Sam this looks absolutely delicious and I can't wait to make this for my family, thank you for sharing your amazing recipes with us I appreciate you more then you know. ❤

  19. Pat Kurzynowski

    Pork tenderloins on sale this week at Meijers in the midwest for $1.34lb….$16 tenderloins for like $5…bought two yesterday…will do one using Sams recipe.

  20. Wow! I'm gonna try this out this week. Looks good. I am so happy you didn't over cook it, pink with pork is fine. Thank you

  21. That pink is from the smoke.

  22. I've never seen someone make potato salad like that. Being from Alabama potato salad is either half-mashed potatoes or whole chunks of potato. Of course I think my mom does it best though.

  23. Who doesn't say Potata salad?

  24. Angel_thedragon

    Very nice shirt, also the pork seemed good

  25. Yo sam, Make a New York Bacon, egg, and cheese. Or a chop cheese.

  26. this does not help me with my intermittent fasting… 😂😂😂

  27. D'Andre Stewart

    THAT is not Potato Salad! I dont know what it is but one thing for sure is its nowhere near the family tree of potato salad

  28. I only really eat pork when it’s pork belly and put on a grill

  29. Mayonnaise is NEVER what got people sick. It's using the same spoon or knife from mayo to meat or sandwich other condiment and back into the mayo jar. I worked for Hellmann's/Bestfoods for 10+ years. Mayo is Extremely biologically safe. We tested the hell out of that stuff.

  30. I really want him see him make a gyro cause i know hes going to make it the best

  31. Sam you're the most entretienig chef love the setup and love the language no TV BS when you're going to make a sandwich cubano

  32. I fucking love watching ur videos when i’m high 💗💗 thank u

  33. That bacon bits rant was so true.

  34. Pork sponsoring so many YouTubers

  35. Sliders……?

  36. Sam, my dad just got a smoker and I want to buy him a good quality thermometer, what model are you using in this video?

  37. christina laronge

    MAX !!! I WANT that spoon…the hammered one !!! PLEASE ???

  38. No t-shirt? Is washing day? 😜

  39. I want to see your twist on spaghetti

  40. Seamus Sullivan

    make a steak and cheese!

  41. Egg Wedger. My Mother had one. I love it.

  42. stephen holland

    22:56 I started salivating @samthecookingguy (should be @samthecookinghero )

  43. Loving the Universe

    That’s what she said 🤣

  44. Sam you should try to get on a cooking competition show
    – Ed Smythe

  45. I find it funny that the thumbnail for almost every video changes every five minutes lol.

  46. Zachary Gilbert

    Great cooking channel man, really different to what is out there now

  47. Can I hire you to just cook for me, forever

  48. You just destroyed one of your axioms and you should pull the shirts immediately! Fat equals flavor!! Is left for dead! It is now a dinosaur!! This video is like the asteroid that made the prehistoric creatures disappear!! Oh the humanity!!

  49. Hey Sam I love you cooking videos and every thing you cook but try to talk less and cook more ,just an opinion.

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