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  1. Super creative! I've never thought of such a thing. Looked delicious!

    Smoke on 👉💨

  2. george viscarelli

    throw the gas grill out!

  3. Try pounding the fat thin

  4. Looks incredible! Just wondering who the 10 morons are that thumbed this down.

  5. Will be great to make it more crisp with a blowtorch !!!

  6. 1:03 I guess it wasn’t Mark’s fault. Good thinking though. Always blame your friends.

  7. Crispy pork fat? Nah

  8. Try to pan fry it next time so you can get almost a crispy bacon on the outside and then stick it in the oven or closed grill to finish cooking the inside.

  9. Nice recipe just shame you didn’t use real bbq grill because everyone nows gas grills is not a real bbq it’s more like a cooker not bbq

  10. Long strokes…. hehe

  11. Wouter van Foeken

    Awsome recipe Roel!

  12. i like fenel. it's very nice to salat's

  13. Bet that string tasted good!

  14. Ihr 2 seit der Hammer schau euch so gerne zu😅

  15. DonPandemoniac

    Nice! And as Mo Garcia mentioned below, bacon is a good and easily available alternative for the slab of pork fat.
    If you want to go extra special, slice and roll open the tenderloin so you can stuff it with more marinade and/or other fillings like spinach, cheese or even smoked salmon.

  16. needs more color, I would smoke it.

  17. Roel, you're the sauce master!

  18. Roel I want to marry you.

  19. Good job on the oil!

  20. Looks FANTASTIC!

  21. the tongs are not the same. what make are the ones you used in video? I FOUND THEM IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED. THEY ARE CALLED BBQ CROC FROM CANADA.

  22. How thick was that tenderloin?
    Me: Ttttthhh…

  23. Wish this was big chicken tenders loins

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