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  1. i'm really want to taste it, but in my religion is haram 😁


    WOAW WOAW WOAW …. Very nice and tasty recipe my friend ….. And very colorful …. I love it …… The result is very great ….. Great technique my friend ! ! ! Hello from FRANCE ! ! ! 🍎🍭🍊😍🍄

  3. Bruv that's a lot of salt used lol

  4. Only bad thing in this cuisine is that always there's a lot of sugar and fried food on every recipe…

  5. Masterchef Zheng you are Awesome!

  6. Eating BBQ while watching Chef John make awesome dishes! Happy Memorial Day everyone!

  7. it's Haram for Muslim

  8. Yes please!!

  9. This elaborate technique got me watching learning & never miss a thing from your channel. Thanks 🙏 chef again for sharing 👍🏾

  10. what kind of stove do you use?

  11. Is there any roast pork recipe without so many salt? It’s so wasteful

  12. نمر الفلا

    Infedales eating pork

  13. Why are my arteries constricting?

  14. Watches video goes out and spends a couple hundred dollars to get all that stuff just to make this food:(

  15. He is worlds no1 coolest and peaceful person

  16. The Chef and his Dancing Wok.

  17. 밥상 차려주는 남자

    It is Korean u tuber. I'm learning a lot and watching a lot of channels. It's so cool. I knew my wife was pregnant today. I have had a baby in three years since I was married. I'm so happy.😚😚😚

  18. This recipe is very salty if you know what I mean 😏😏😏

  19. Clumsy Can Cook - Chef Dan

    My channel is also good! Please try it!

  20. His technique is the best part!

  21. Victoria McKenzie

    just amazing

  22. Harshit Rajshekar

    Wondering what the 1mil dish would be🤔🤔😊😊

  23. what a perfect and easy recipe Chef!

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