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  1. Hi ..I tried this recipe …The ratio of things used and time specified in your video was so perfect..My cake came out just awesome…It was delicious and extremely spongy..My daughter loved it..❤…Liked and subscribed your channel😊👍

  2. Sandrine Appapoulle

    Super !!!

  3. I really am dying to try this, and I wonder if the cake will have that nice orangey flavor

  4. Catherine Eckstein

    My dough was stiff

  5. I’m so glad somebody ne made an orange cake!

  6. Catherine Eckstein

    Damn! That looks good! Add a little powdered sugar & milk glaze & yummmmm!!!!! I wonder, could lemons be substituted if one wanted to make a lemon cake instead?

  7. Looks awesome – amazing how it makes its own crust. Will try it soon (gluten & egg free for me).

  8. Roxana de la Cruz

    Lo hice ayer con mi mamá y salió muy rico 😋
    (Y eso que yo de cocinar nada jajaja)

  9. étoile filante

    Merci pour la recette de ce gâteau qui me paraît délicieux mais mon problème c'est que je sais pas lire vôtre langue…j'ai essayé de deviner…on verra bien si c'est réussi..

  10. Nafissa Nessaba

    Hi. No yest ? Thanks

  11. Mademoiselle Ivy

    I made it with less sugar so I can make a type of syrup with orange juice/zest to put on top once is ready. The result was an extra moisted cake with all the flavors you can get from the orange. I just love this fruit so much..😊

  12. Bitter!

  13. _Spill_The_Tea_Sis _

    They ment to blend the orange with the peel right….

  14. Phương Nguyễn Thanh

    I tried this recipe and it failed. I had doubts whether I should put the baking powder in, but I didn't do it so that the cake is not bulging, hard.

  15. My mom used to made it when I was young. We call it mom's cake 😚😚😚

  16. I can actually smell it delicious

  17. Looks very good and easy too. I'm not sure why they insist on having that weird music……very annoying.

  18. Tatiana Križanová

    presne to vyšlo ako na videu

  19. I tried it yesterday and it came out perfect. I only had 2 eggs instead of 3, but it came out perfectly. I also adjusted the amount of sugar, I prefer cakes to have less sugar in general. 😄

  20. Have just made it. Very nice even with less sugar

  21. thank you for sharing.

  22. I'm tired of the metric system!

  23. could pour a orange juice glaze over while its warm for more orange flavor???

  24. Ive got to make this just to see if putting the skin in the cake really works. That bitter yellow skin. Weird.

  25. rakia kazdaghly

    you didnt put the baking powder

  26. It looks really delicious with the whole orange 🍊 (skin including) I!
    Unfortunately where I live, I cannot use the skin of the orange… I’ll just use the juice but I’m sure It won’t be as flavorful…

  27. ازهار الربيع


  28. i did it it comes out beautiful and tasty . can i do it like this with lemons instead of orange

  29. How to prevent it from getting dry. The texture looks dry. Tks

  30. Hello, please what if you don’t have seedless oranges in your country??.. what do you use then ?.

  31. gonna do this

  32. Yolanda Caldwell

    Could this be done with lemons instead of oranges?

  33. Mine is in the oven right now. Mmmmm….forbidden sponge cake…

  34. Where did the 700 haters come from? Ketoville?

  35. Does this work with lemons?

  36. can't wait to try this, this weekend !!!

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