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  1. 爱看古装剧

    i tried several 卤肉饭 mostly the gravy turned into oil after cool down. But this, its heaven, I couldn't believe that I could actually made such good 卤肉饭, even better than some stalls!

  2. What i like about this channel is how promptly they replied to queries. Certain did not even bother to read comments from viewers. Btw, love all your recipes… Subscribed!

  3. If the pork it too watery, just crank up the heat until the consistency thickens and warps itself around the pork.

  4. I had forgotten that my dark soy sauce is salty by itself and used the same 1/3 cup of it along with the light soy sauce. But it still tastes good! Im gonna try again next time with some adjustments!

  5. Hi, is the white rice wine the same as huatiao?

  6. Looks super delicious. I have a question though, where did you get your tongs that you use in your videos?

  7. Hi can i use cooking wine instead of rice wine?

  8. Just would like to ask when u add the chinese rice wine in do u stir & boil until the wine evaporates then only add the light & dark soy sauces?

  9. Where is a good place to get pork belly? My local market did not have any.

  10. I didnt know about not using olive oil with non stick pans!

  11. Genius

  12. Hi Chef, I would like to cook for a friend who doesn’t eat pork. Do you think minced chicken will do too ? As for the dark soy sauce, I it’s not the dark sweet sauce right ? Thanks for sharing and it really looked delish!!

  13. Can minced pork be should in this dish?

  14. Can you make this with pork shoulder?

  15. Dont mess with SE Asia when it comes to Pork& Rice. Ive just come from an American site with ridiculously bad recipes. Thanks for this one

  16. Hi can substitue white rice wine with hua diao jiu?

  17. Hi! Where can I get the pan/wok you used? What is the brand

  18. Hi is rice vinegar the same as rice wine?

  19. Leave them in the fridge overnight, you will see a thick layer of pork lard on the surface.

  20. braised?

  21. Anna Luisa Rossini

    Looks delicious, thank you!

  22. Thank you for sharing

  23. Hi! Thank you for the recipe! Do you think it's a need to marinade the meat beforehand? Noticed that yours dont need.

  24. 😋 yummy!

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