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  1. I can imagine how good this tastes. I tried her sweet sour meatballs and they were delish! Wish she could stay longer and cook more!

  2. Looks so yummy! 😍
    An what an amazing and adorable woman your mother is. ❤️


  4. My mouth is watering! I will make this yummy recipe for my family. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You are a lovely lady. I love your videos and recipes very much!

  5. When i made the Pork Meatballs recipe I substituted Cornflour for the potato starch and it worked perfectly well

  6. Martina Uytiepo

    Thanks for this recipe, Okaa-san! So excited to try it out, looks yummy!

  7. These are my Favorite videos!! Just love your mom. And yes I made your moms potato salad and it is the best!! Hugs from WA

  8. you should add the recipe to the description! nice video!

  9. You can substitute cornstarch for potato starch, but a lot of the big supermarkets in the US do have potato starch in the Asian food section now! It comes in a clear plastic bag. Bob's Red Mill also sells it–that may be in the baking or gluten-free sections of your market.

  10. That looks divine. Thank your mom for making it for us.

  11. Again a delicious and easy recipe😋. I'm so happy when I see a momcooking video😊

  12. Pamela Dipzinski

    I have trouble finding certain ingredients in the Midwest of mainland USA. I have been trying to find and instruction using Inarizushi no moto from a can. I found it in an Asian food store here. This is all I have been able to find here. I assume that you don’t have to god through the boiling and seasoning of the pouches. Do you know if you can just use them straight out of the can?

  13. 酢豚は切って揚げて餡を作って炒めてと工程が多く手間がかかりますね。

  14. TSP is s teaspoon or tablespoon?

  15. I made this dish for my family last night and it was FANTASTIC! Just the right amount of sweet to sour. Amazing. Tell your mother she is a ROCK STAR in our house! Thanks for sharing and MORE COOKING WITH MOM!

  16. Yunique Kinomoto

    my favourite dish!! =)

  17. sonsie Hollingsworth

    Oh that looked soooo good Mom 😚😚 hello Shinichi ❤

  18. Lots of veggies… thats deep fried! Not sure how healthy is that…

  19. Looks SOOO delicious! Your Mother is a great cook! 👍

  20. 💓 A tasty AND easy dish! 👍 Can't wait to try it : )) 💓

  21. Rebecca Alabada

    YUMMM!!! That looks so delicious!! Love your mom's recipe! I also love how your mom calls you "dear"!

  22. Substitute potatoe starch with corn starch

  23. Your Moms recipe is great can’t wait to try it. The Sweet and Sour meatballs were great. I had them with noodles. My husband loved it 👍🏽

  24. Brings back great memories! This is how I learned to cook. Looks like your mom and mine have the same recipes!🍱🍛🍙

  25. Eww mushrooms 😖but other than that looks awesome👍💕

  26. Amazing!!😋😁!

  27. Retired Art Teacher

    I just got pork out of the freezer to thaw for tomorrow!

  28. Oh my that looks good 😀 I'll try this and update later how it went !

    You both are so sweet together <3

  29. katiescarlett1955

    I make your Mom's potato salad all the time…..IT IS THE BEST. It's the potato sald I make now all the time. I can't have it too often, I have to watch my carbs. But every few months I crave it. Thank you Momma.

  30. Damn bro I’m jelly u got some good looking good mom made yuumo

  31. Danielle Pearson

    ahaha i need your mom to come to fl and cook for me please! 😀 looks delicious

  32. That looks delicious.
    For potato starch, look on the flour section. And also check the Gluten Free Flour section. Some stores keep gluten free separate. It is also popular in Passover cooking, so look for it in the Passover display at that time of year.

  33. Can you use corn starch instead of potato starch?

  34. Tina Marie Farmer

    love to your mom 💖💖

  35. Tina Marie Farmer

    the color of the pork is AMAZING!! drool worthy! 💖

  36. supercontesergio

    i think you should add a little bit more oil during the cooking process

  37. حبيب المصطفى

    oishi soooo 😉

  38. I LOVE your mother! I can't wait to make her dishes after I watch her. I'm a chef, but you never stop learning new styles/dishes. Oishii! 🍚🥢
    P.S. – Best substitute for potato starch would be corn starch which is easy to find and closest in texture to potato starch.

  39. this looks really delicious but do you have an alternative to the ketchup? I'm allergic to tomatos n usually try to substitute it with paprika/peppers though smth tells me this won't work in this recipe :''')

  40. Looks delicious, and so simple! Thanks so much for showing us!

  41. yess more recipe with mom ! those are the best one !

  42. Mom's recipes are always perfection, spending years perfecting it!

  43. Absolutely mouthwatering! Your mom has a lot of culinary wisdom to share! Will definitely try this recipe out soon 😋

  44. Less talking😂get the rest of the vegetables for me 😂😂😂😂

  45. Oishiii you can't beat experience cooks!!! 😬
    And potatoes salads potatoes and that cucumber crunch too!!!

  46. look so yummy

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