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Delicious, Easy ***Chicken Pasta Bake*** Recipe


  1. fudo della montagna

    Bravo complimenti, ma la prossima volta meno prezzemolo👏👍

  2. Doesn’t the parsley lose it’s taste when it’s cooked ? Like the green coriander does …

  3. Does this dude even own a plate? 🤔

  4. Fergal Donnelly

    No plates, nah?

  5. entiretinofsweetcorn

    E R B A C E O U S

  6. Marcello Internullo

    N°1 my friend 🥇

  7. Nice, but why serving it on the cutting board? Makes no sense to me. Excellent pasta choice by the way

  8. Michele Lombardo

    Hello! I’m from Palermo, Sicily. Very, very well done! Especially the cooking of the garlic IS perfect. 😉
    May I suggest to try adding some anchovies? Let me know….

  9. It's aglio, olio e peperoncino

  10. Compralo un piatto dai!

  11. Ma che minchia stai facendo con quel tagliere prendi un cazzo di piatto Gesù lampadario

  12. Maximiliano Jams

    It was one of the best pastas I ever eated.

  13. Richard Gonzales

    Is he Spaghetti Bae?

  14. forgot lemon

  15. Very well done! You have an Italian guy positive comment 🙂

  16. Bella merda

  17. My most favorite spaghetti!!!

  18. Respect from Italy

  19. Why serve it on a cutting board?

  20. Man I tried that stuff for the first time and I succeeded it so well, thank you so much this is so simple but so tasty and so delicious, you are the best my friend please keep it up!

  21. You’re the best mate! Perfect videos, so professional, so entertaining!
    And the food… omg delicious👌🏼

  22. I think this is One of the hardest yet best Pasta Dishes i have come across. I h

  23. great video man, my wife's favorite pasta, I'm still trying to nail this recipe, great explanation, I'll definitely try it your way!

  24. Connie Mei Chan

    No it's like clubbing, chopping, slurping, eating ; ) Bon apetito amigo mio 👌🏼😘❣

  25. Angela Ciaramella

    No parsley!!!! noooooo…..it's spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino!w the very made in Italy!!!

  26. WOW ! im a new sub for sure now ! that was so simple to make , after watching how you did it i went in the kitchen and got started . it turned out beautiful ! the wife loved it , and its now on the table on the regular ! thanks looking forward to exploring your channel!

  27. the legendary kong

    I tried this with ramen (cause I was broke) didn't add its ramen spices thou (saved it for back up). But dammnn it was good. It was better with a butter poach egg sunny side up trust me

  28. well done sir, amazing cooking, good info and the best editing i have seen

  29. Perfect 👌🏼

  30. This is the second comment I write about the cooking times. I love how you're actually nailing the boiling time of the pasta, it takes courage to drain the pasta when is still a little stiff in the core, but that's how it's done! You're great! Just a thing, like many told you, go a little easier with parsley not by much though…

  31. Francesco Giardino

    you are using a dry pepper … in contact with the hot oil it will dry up even more until it burns and become bitter in this case the dried chili you have to put it to cooked after cooking instead if you use fresh chili then insert it together with the garlic, moreover, parsley is not part of the recipe, but the addition of the cooking water to emulsify the sauce and let the pasta starch off is added out of the excellent heat

  32. donkeyfacekilla1

    Love this dish! love these meals that are greater than the sum of their parts!

  33. Yum.. Do you deliver. Thank you for sharing

  34. 2 tips from an Italian guy
    1-take of the bud inside the garlic.
    2- try to add an anchovy with the garlic.

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