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  1. Is she Jewish?

  2. chronicle realm

    Lots of Sauce I believe tomatoe sauce makes the dish😊

  3. Cheese overload

  4. She knows she's just killing us at the end when she tastes it! HA!

  5. She forgot to add more cheese

  6. I could eat this every night. Carbs rule!!

  7. What’s a good alternative to ricotta? We don’t have that in our country.

  8. Arthur Ballinger


  9. yeah she's one of my favorites.

  10. Why does he sound like a old lady?

  11. Brooklyn's Baby

    my mother used to watch her and cook by her recipes and she made the best baked pasta i've ever had

  12. Wish I knew what brand of ricotta she used, the kind I get at the store is like a paste

  13. annalisa ebbasta

    ma come fa a cucinare questa roba, ah già per gli americani, i Italia l'arresterebbero ah ah ah. Non è italiana, ma slovena, perchè pretende di cucinare italiano?

  14. Send me some pls: 400 circle rd stonybrook ny 11790

  15. Always bring the pasta to the sauce. Amateur move

  16. Cheese is used too much.

  17. She's a legend

  18. I find her so soothing to watch, almost like my grandma cooking for me.

  19. What kind of cheese is it??

  20. Needs more sauce

  21. I'll go back for it … Lol.

  22. Sherylee Caldwell

    Your Baked. Ziti's looks Delish, What Kind Of Shredded cheese was That? Please

  23. It’s not enough sauce that dish looks like nothing but pasta and cheese 😂

  24. Victoria Morrisa

    That looks soo good!

  25. add chopped pineapple to this if you want to experience heaven

  26. Easy, thanks!

  27. Yummy going to try that

  28. Manuel Castillo

    Can you add ground meat to the sauce

  29. Lidia, could I use Feta in my baked Ziti? Do you think it will work? Thanks!

  30. Oh my…Ill have to make this tonight. I'm so hungry!!! Great video!

  31. Must try

  32. Anyone have a copy of this recipe? It's no longer available at the link.

  33. Undecided 😉 that is me when it comes to pasta and pizza slices … need to check every nook till I decide what I will take !

  34. Been to her restaurants in NY 😋 and think I will make the ziti so all I can say is … Millie Grazie!

  35. Pass me a bowl.

  36. ThaMosthated718

    there is no such thing as too much cheese..UGH!!!! Delicious!

  37. So easy recipe and delicious! 😋😋

  38. That looks so good!

  39. She put her foot in that ziti….yum!

  40. Great Recipe. May ask you how long and what temperature to bake?

  41. So much cheese 🧀 Get your lactaid ready.

  42. This looks so good I can smell it. Her cooking show is the best. She makes it look easy. I want to be a member of her family. Yessss

  43. Thank you,mmmm

  44. 😃🖒looks so good

  45. Just made this , added broccoli peppers and mushrooms!

  46. My family likes what you cook you are the best Lydia chow chow bon appetit God bless you straight from Italy you are the best remind me of my grandma

  47. Beware! Looks amazing….however she gives no measurements in the video and the link given in the description to the recipe is not valid so it's a waste of time to watch.

  48. 5:01 i love her reaction to the pasta😀

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