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  1. Lathifa Shifana

    I feel the salmon is raw😐

  2. Great ideas!

  3. She’s slowed down! Thank the lord!!!
    She used to fling things about, sloshing bits of stuff everywhere.
    It made me feel she didn’t t value the food she was preparing . It’s much much better now!!!

  4. She is Beau-ti-ful!!

  5. I’m going to give myself the pleasure of a few more pops 😂

  6. I normally hate nuts and-or seeds in my salad… but if it's Nigella

  7. Are we just ignoring how she used joss stone Lady instrumental? To me that was the best touch of the whole video! Apart from the food

  8. she just walked away with it in the end!

  9. Jeffrey Anderson

    This salad recipe reminds me of the Stetson Salad that was originated at Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale. But it has a few other ingredients including currants and couscous; and has a buttermilk based dressing. This one looks wonderful!

  10. bob and vegana 4 trump

    She’s so seductive

  11. The way she say rolicking!!

  12. I would definitely want to see a collaboration between Nigella and Gordon in a cooking show. To me, that would make my day as both express their love and passion in cooking in a very flowerful and literature way and atmosphere. Both are have really good command in english and would love to see them interacting tgt.

  13. Mohcine Saifeddine

    Simply in love, can watch her all day long :3

  14. elangovan ramasamy

    water cress shall we eat as it is in fresh mode . pls suggest . whats its benefit

  15. marevel at6 god. heaven moves creation. AMNEN

  16. Her receipts from 10 years ago were more of a comfort food style, now they are more healthy. She is my queen !!!!

  17. She's so effortlessly sexy I'm uncomfortable watching her lol

  18. yack!!!!

  19. dietetic meals????????? OH NO !!!!!!!

  20. If you go easy on the salt, you can use the fish broth for a soup base.

  21. I wonder what her cameraman looks like

  22. I love salmon, olive oil and pumpkin seeds and they are really good for you but all of them together is just too much. Especially when she puts in so many pumpkin seeds. This dish alone probably has thousands of calories.

  23. LOVE her enthusiasm!

  24. A goddess among mere mortals.

  25. I love Nigella's recipes, but I just absolutely love her effortlessly alliterative annunciation ("perfect poaching procedure") and impressive use of collective nouns and extensive adjectives ("a tangle of watercress"). It might sound weird, but I think it truly sets her apart from other "celebrity" chefs.

  26. Now that, looks really good

  27. actually, i really like this show and make a lot of the things i see here. thanks for such a great show – teach me how to eat healthy, QUICK meals! i really need to learn!

  28. in america, people are told by their televisions that it's okay to kill poachers. be careful here!

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