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  1. Great recipe. You just helped me decide what I am cooking Saturday

  2. Congratulations Pasquale. You will hit a million soon, your videos really cheer me up after another day in the rat race.

  3. yummy umm that looks good

  4. Dwayne Wladyka

    Congratulations on your award. Those pork chops look very good. Cheers!

  5. Congratulations Pasquale! Salute, cin cin and kisses from Brazil!

  6. Congratulations Pasquale! Salute, cin cin and kisses from Brazil!

  7. Honest cooking at its best

  8. Congrats.. You are the man …. Love your recipes…

  9. So very Happy for you, Chef, Quindi molto felice per te, Chef

  10. congratulations Pasquale, the gold one will be coming soon. Keep up the excellent videos.

  11. Congrats Pasquale.

  12. Strains Of The Bay

    You're already at 141k!! Amazing job and can't wait till you hit a million!

  13. OH YEAH BABY!!!!!

  14. Jerri-ellen Fraser

    Our family loves you and they love the meals you thought me how to make. God bless you and your family you wonderful man. I am so happy for you! You always make me smile.

  15. Robert Sanchez

    Salute Chef Pasquale! Auguri e Grazzie a te!

  16. Sharon Bihlear

    Love cherry peppers eat them right out of the jar🤪

  17. phillip krikorian


  18. Eduardo I Velez

    You are the best Pasquale!!!

  19. Marina Elizabeth


  20. Who the ass that gave this a thumb down???

  21. Congrats, Chef!! You're so cute! 💕💕

  22. Looks Delicious thanks for recipe

  23. CONGRATULATIONS Chef Pasquale! The absolute Cutest and Best Italian Cook on the planet!🥰 Bravo!

  24. Tunisia Tucker

    Congrats to you Chef Pasquale! Salute! Cin! Cin!

  25. Congrats Pasquale greetings from srilanka 😍👍🏻 salute chin chin 🥂

  26. Congratulations on 100,000 subscribers 🍷

  27. Congratulations! I've been subbed to you for a few years. Before you took that long break. I'll be here at 1mil.

  28. یلدا دیدار در سپیده دم


  29. Huge Fan! Hello from Toronto.

  30. Grande zio Pasquale! 100k oh yea baby!!!

  31. Congratulations! Great job to you and your family! Thank you for this recipe, and that tip on cutting the edge of each pork chop so they'll stay flat during cooking.

  32. The Italian Cookie Monster strikes again

  33. I would like to.taste it with the vinegar 1st, though I would lean towards the white wine..


  35. Louis-Martin Ouellet


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