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  1. My mouth was watering watch this 😋😋😂

  2. Do you have a video that shows how to hold chopsticks? And I will be making your chili oil. I love that stuff almost as much as I like dumplings.

  3. Holy WOW! Marion this dipping sauce is AWESOME!!!!!! I made it using home made chili oil recipe following your recipe – and it is off the charts!

  4. Hi Marion love yr vids. May I ask how long can you store the chili oil for at room temp.

  5. Marion, as someone from north China, I wanna say you have mastered the key techniques to make dumplings and boil the dumplings. We always put the veggies at the last step after the ground meat is stirred and mixed well, since we don’t want the salt pulls the water from the leeks too soon. Next time, you can try to mix some chopped chunky raw shrimp into the filling. Or instead of putting a raw egg, you can put scrambled eggs into the filling. That will make your dumplings taste different.

  6. What protein can be subbed out for pork here. I don’t eat pork?

  7. I am a new subscriber and I've been binge-watching your videos. Love them! I am so impressed that you often wear white while you're in the kitchen. It would be disastrous to my wardrobe if I were to wear white while cooking! I'm way too messy.

  8. Marion reminds me of Kylie Kwang with a hint of Nigella

  9. Hi Marion! I have to ask-can chicken, beef, or even shrimp be used instead? This looks so juicy and scrumptious!
    Thank you for taking 'boring' out of the kitchen!

  10. I tried this recipe n evryone in my family loved it…but y r the likes so low? I follow her cookings n it always turns out delicious😊 thank u 😊

  11. Haha I love how's she's always so excited about it

  12. Love the videos.. but the fan in the background is loud!

  13. Amber Taylor-Greenhouse

    I don’t have many words, but I wish I was in Bangkok to enjoy those homemade dumplings. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Great video. 😋😋😋

  14. I wish you can go to China one day to try the ''real'' dumplings. My grandma made huge ones. The filling is big but the wrap are very thing.

  15. Marion, I just simply LUV ur voice and ur SMILE!!!!

  16. Enreikko Huan Karlo Navarro

    stop….. torturing…… us…. pls…………..

  17. Yum, looks so delicious. That chili oil dressing is mouth-watering…

  18. It's dumpling time all of the time…!! Thank you for yet another yum recipe Marion..

  19. Phie Murray-Smith

    Love all your videos but often can't make things because my son's a vegetarian… Would you do some vegetarian dumplings or other dishes? Pretty please 😉

  20. You're definitely a dumpling queen! Theres must've been 20 ish dumpling recipes here and all of them are unique. Wow

  21. Peter Kontogeorgis

    Going head to head with Adam again!! Love that your recipes are different but both look awesome. The only way you two could get any better is if you made a joint show together!

  22. You know so much about dumplings.

  23. Hi looks deliciious, you re not adding any smashed garlic on it + cooking wine ?

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