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  1. God I want this, chef John, do you have a corn tortilla recipe?

  2. That's Haitian Griot fried pork

  3. Great video thanks!

  4. Weird voice inflections but great video

  5. I followed this recipe last night . I really like it . Thanks chef John !

  6. Made this recipe for the second time tonight, added some lime juice n peel and some Mexican oregano before roasting 💖

  7. Omg his voice………💀🔫🔫🔫 also this is t how you make carnitas

  8. You can be the Derek Jeter of your Pork Carnitas!

  9. a white guy teachinh a mexican dish…

  10. where is the cayenne??

  11. do so love me some Carnitas.

  12. I can just feel vegans somewhere losing their heads.

  13. I love carnitas. Salsa verde is the best accompanyment in my experience. Those look great and easy to make. Thanks!

  14. what's up with that tone of your voice :0)???

  15. So in a pig the shoulder = the butt? What the hell happened there?

  16. Michelle Samarripa

    Hello is there any way you can show barbacoa?

  17. Taylor Christian Jones

    Chef, your voice is incredibly distracting haha. Kudos for a solid recipe, and no need to change anything because of my audio preference – I just can't get over the way your complete your sentences. Sorry to be a troll haha

  18. Oh man, I just made these tonight, spiced them almost exactly the same way you did, and they turned out perfectly. My first time making carnitas and these were delish. Thank you!

  19. Michael Alcantar

    your voice is annoying as fuck

  20. greek <<tigania xirini>>

  21. That is not carnitas. Real carnitas are deep fried in lard

  22. I'm thankful I'm one of those people who likes the way he talks lol.

  23. I've used this recipe twice now and the pork turns out perfect and delicious every time. Thanks Chef John for an amazing recipe:)

  24. love the videos but the narrator's fake tone which I felt he was already trying hard at some point turned me off. had to mute the video

  25. your voice is the most anoying ive ever heard.

  26. I have done it submerged in lard with a bit of water and limes, delicious but you can get it tender and flavorful by slow cooking. This channel is great!

  27. At work it would take probably 20 min. MINimum just to each 450F in broiler from bake. Pain in the nuisance! If you have one of those nifty table top halogen/infrared convection ovens they would brown the pork to perfection because you never have to take your eye off the food. The bright light shows you exactly when ready. Come to think of it, the 3.5 hours at 250F would be too much. You'd probably reduce slow oven cooking time by half and still achieve desired tenderness because of the infrared. Great recipe but I'd use more garlic and add roasted garlic as well. I'd use more orange peel but and chop it finer to permeate the meat deeper. Try one of these infrared ovens with the element on top. Everything is faster yet cooked more accurately because you can see it without opening oven door. Besides tons more fun when you KNOW! nothing will get burned or under done. You can cook a pork chop frozen to plate in 35 minutes PERFECTLY. Tender yet crispy time after time. Baking is a breeze too.
    Thanks Chef! Nice new twist when putting pork on your fork.

  28. I cant stay on a diet with Chef John (cry)… hahah

  29. Cubans don't eat carnitas. Go to Cuba n ask for carnitas and they'll look at u like u have 3 heads.

  30. Mr.potatohead_is_cool

    I couldn't finish the video because he was talking so weird

  31. cinnamon is the secret 👌 You are the Jeffe of the carnitas 😂😍

  32. 2:58 "…you don't want like all your bay leaves in one spot…"

    all bay leaves in one spot

  33. i thought for sure the secret ingredient was gonna be cayenne haha

  34. is he trying to sing through out this video. enjooooy

  35. i fucken hate how he talks

  36. Are you able to do this same concept with beef? Or will beef get overcooked this way?

  37. I've never seen anyone over season the pork like that. Do you use taco seasoning too when you make tacos dorados?
    Some juice yes but leave out all that other stuff.
    The red box "Rex Lard" is available everywhere, except maybe where you live???
    People out there don't use this recipe, it's not authentic!
    Sounds like a Taco Bell receipe 🙂

  38. Chef John you live in New York how can you come up with such a awesome recipe!

    I live in San Diego I know where the best carnitas in the word live.

    Your recipe is so close it's scary and I don't need to go to a specialty butcher to get Pork skin.

    Thank you!!

  39. The best carnitas are shredded not cubed.

  40. You bring me so much joy.

  41. Chef John, can I use loin chops instead? Keep them on the bone & reduce the cooking time? Thank u for sharing your expertise with the world!

  42. there's no problem that a good piece of succulent pork can't fix.

  43. nice sharp knife !

  44. The way you talk is just appalling but at least your recipes are good. The whole time you talk I'm like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  45. I made it to the letter. I think the orange ruined it for me. Maybe it was just a bad orange. I will try again someday without the orange.

  46. I'm making this tonight along with your salsa, I will let you know. Looks amazing!

  47. how he starts his sentence on his low voice, then ends it on a higher pitch then fades…same pattern all the time…

  48. Nooo this is not carnitas😰

  49. Now, this is a great one! Thank you John; love your voice and sense of humour! and your recipes of course;

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