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  1. What happened 91/2 weeks ago? lol

  2. metric measurements please

  3. Cook a boar.

  4. Passion for food

    I was going to tell my pastor about this pork pastor, but he was out in the pasture! 😋

  5. Sir Mix-a-Lot approves…the last time a saw a butt that big was in a pair of sweat pants at WalMart…

  6. i would notice that regional Oregano in a heartbeat.

  7. 2 things.

    1: he said stand there for 12-24 hours 😂😂😂

    2: where’s the cayenne bud?

  8. Pineapple, mango, red onion, tomato, jalapeno, cilantro, and a dash of red wine.

    It makes a great salsa to top some kind of pork, I used chops, that has been marinated in a cheap strawberry wine overnight.

  9. How could you Chef John? You were my hero. And then you used pinapple in a savory dish! That's just wrong.

  10. On Martin's Potato rolls

  11. "You actually cannot put on too much." Challenge accepted.

  12. Just got a smoker and am loving these recipes I made the ribs and slaw last week and they were great, cant wait to try this!

  13. Tobiwan Skenobi

    Chef John makes a slasher video…..

  14. You are the E.B. White of brining overnight….

  15. 9 hours on the grill? 😓

  16. Oh my I WANT to try this. But 😢 I have nonnporl eater at my house this weekend. 😣

  17. Hi Chef John, can I use a crock pot instead?

  18. What did you eat 9.5 weeks ago?

  19. Perfect. I always use angryporc.com on mine. Any adobo will work that's just my favorite.

  20. I want to know what sick individuals gave this a thumbs down??
    I mean really!! Who doesn't like pulled
    I will fix this over the weekend. Thanks Chef!

  21. I’m so sad you used that horrible bun it is the worst. Please don’t use that type of bread 🥖 use something better like holla or

  22. Sir Mix-a-Lot would approve.

  23. Chef John, if you can get some achiote (mexican spice) your recipe will be vastly improved

  24. can you do this in a big crock pot

  25. I fear my barbeque may have some performance issues.

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