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  1. Sam make piri piri chicken

  2. Burnt garlic is not flavor

  3. If I had to pick just one chef, with whom to drink some beers and do some random cooking with, it'd be you… Awesome, and no knitpicking or too much fuss, just go with the flow 🙂

  4. True Italians don't put parmasannnnnnnnn

  5. What plates are those that you use?

  6. Made this myself today and chicken came out perfect. I always recommend leveling out chicken to same thickness also. 8minutes each side has always been the perfect time for chicken on my grill. It’s very easy to burn Garlic when you get to that step also by the way so be careful people. I added lemon juice on top after. Couldn’t resist because I love lemon. Thanks for the video Sam.

  7. I love how most other chefs stick to a classic recipe like it is law and then there's Sam who goes with "this is how it should be made…but this will make it better". No people prepping everything for Sam, no fake eating of the food and spitting it out when off camera – just a guy cooking great food and enjoying it.

  8. Why isn't the evo even? It really bugs me.

  9. Val Verde pasta is good, especially the capelli d'angelo

  10. Get Out and Grill!

    "You can kiss my ass" LOL Love that attitude. I want to do a video with Sam.

  11. Is not bad I do

  12. If that's what constitutes a cloudy day in San Diego Sam you are indeed living in a very lucky City!! (UK resident 🤪)

  13. Main Street BBQ & Beverage

    I made this for my family for Sunday dinner, 6-9-19. It was amazing! Thank you Sam and crew!

  14. Do a chicken alfredo fried burrito

  15. So this is my favorite cooking channel by far but why is there a commercial every 5 minutes? Damn

  16. You make me hungry each time i watch you. I love your videos and you are super sympatic 💪❤

  17. Dave Hagmaier Jr

    Made this last nite…..wow it was yummy

  18. Sam what kind of watch do you wear?

  19. My wife is Italian and she was hoping for parm chz… she was doing a happy dance when u put it on… we are making this tonite…

  20. generic username

    Hey Sam, love your cooking show, whipped up a few dishes of my own. Fantastic tasting! It'll be awesome if you did a segment on lunches that you can pack for the office/school!

  21. you and max are just perfect team. I would like to have a drink with you guys. unfortunately im livin in Germany. but one day, ill buy a ticket to fly over with my wife. first stop, not not tacos. second stop Sam and max home

  22. Hey Sam! I follow you on insta and watch your YouTube videos on the regular. Do you have any principles you live by for business success? Thanks!

  23. Shawn Chamberlin

    You're the man, Sam! Love your videos. Don't worry about the haters, sometimes you just need to smoke some pot and hang out.

  24. Your videos are always hilarious, and always make me hungry.

  25. the garlic was burnt you can clearly see it. too bad

  26. Great vid! but around 17:26 Sam almost looks like he's standing in front of a green screen.

  27. Put the cloves with the paper on in a glass jar and shake vigorously ~ that removes all the paper

  28. Dont you know Indiana has the best weather haha. You should make the If fat is flavor then I'm fucking delicious into a sticker/decal

  29. Can u do a steak grilled in thick steak sauce 🤤

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