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  1. These are the BEST fudgey paleo brownies 👅 Don't forget to download my FREE Healthy dessert EBOOK: bit.ly/5healthydesserts 🙂

  2. What exactly is the cassava flour? Which plant etc? Love and thank you 🙂

  3. Plz make choco lava mug cake in airfryer

  4. Can you substitute cassava flour for tapioca flour? At what ratio? I love your videos Liv! 💜

  5. Is that much sugar necessary??

  6. Carolina Ritchie

    These brownies are calling my name! Thanks for the recipe!

  7. Going to give these a try! Do you think adding walnuts would work well with this recipe?

  8. Amazing as always❤️
    I now give a 👍 on every new video of yours even before watching them bc i know i’ll love them😂

    Btw do u have any opinions on Okara powder(soy pulp) for baking/health?

  9. looks awesome! Did you make 9 squares? Think i'm gona make them soon 🙂

  10. I literally was craving brownies last night and I made your Sea Salt Brownies! They are delicious 🤤. These look more fluffy, I will be trying these out soon! Although I don't have cassava flour. Could I use tapioca flour??

  11. could i use almond flour instead?

  12. Treasure Van Laeken

    Thank you 😁 looks great

  13. Thank you so much❤️ I’ve been trying to lose weight but have a SERIOUS craving for unhealthy food!!

  14. these look fantastic!!

  15. Thank You 😊 omg I must make 😋

  16. Legs of Octopus • Food & Lifestyle

    I can never get over with brownies 😍

  17. Yummmy can i use sweet potato paste instead of eggs?

  18. Awesome thanks for making it!! This is my last exam week, l'm going to make it tomorrow 👌😂😍❤❤❤

  19. can you do another single serve dessert video??

  20. They look so good 😍😋

  21. Abigayle Mewhinney

    So excited to make these!!😍 Are there any cassava flour substitutes?

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