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  1. Hie.. very good recipe 👍 but can you show the recipe of pineapple spaghetti ( baked ) ? I would love to try once..

  2. yummy yummy

  3. Please give me 1 like at least

  4. I've tried all your pasta recipe and I like this best 😍

  5. Wow

  6. I literally cook after watching your video…😍.. amazing

  7. Amazing recipe as always love it

  8. Mam ur fabulous no doubt and ur the best chef and this recipe is so delicious looks so yummy definitely l will try it. Mam why don't you try for master chef l am sure u will achieve success their.

  9. So cheesy

  10. Wow yummy recipe ty n plz upload red sauce pasta alo

  11. I made it today and it turned out soooo yummy 🤤

  12. Yumsssss..🤤🤤

  13. which brand mozzarella cheese gives best stretch??


  15. Can I put wheat instead of maida?

  16. Loved your recipe surely will try!!

  17. Yummyy …😘😍😍😊😊osm recipe mam🤗❤❤

  18. Can you please make a recipe of chicken chili

  19. 😋 I will surely try this!!

  20. Super I love you

  21. Vaishnavi Bandagale

    Looking pretty di👌👌

  22. Wo Patthar Kahan Milta Hai Batana Jara-E-Dost,
    Jise Log Dil Par Rakhkar Ek Dusre Ko Bhool Jate Hain.

  23. Bharathi Mahendran

    Oh my God..how do u do tat? yummyyyyy😍😍

  24. You can also name this recipe as mac and cheese

  25. its awesome

  26. Wow i m amazed u r receipe is so quick thank u so much 🍜for ur one pot pasta video

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