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3 Vegan Easy Lunch Ideas (No-Cook)


  1. I swear i love you and your videos! Plus your voice is like so soothing so I love your videos even more ❤️

  2. Your voice is sooo relaxing, you could do asmr food vids!

  3. Agreed lovely video lovely recipes and your voice is soothing x


  5. i've got to make these muffins!

  6. That sandwhich looks… so… good

  7. Tidy tots but Mom’s not

    That sandwich looks amazing 👏🏻

  8. Meinen Sie Margarine mit Vegan Butter

  9. Hey Mina, tolles Video! 🙂 sag msl, woher kriegst du dein "Vanilla extract"? Hier bei uns Deutschland hab ich noch keins gefunden..ich wär happy, wenn du deine Quelle verrätst 🙂 liebe Grüße

  10. Das Erdnussmus von Alnatura ist auch 100% aus Erdnüsse und schmeckt auch wirklich super!

  11. Die Ästhetik deiner Videos ist so toll.

  12. I’m seriously loving the vibe of your channel💕

  13. It's so ridiculous how difficult it was for me to find unsweetened apple sauce 😂

  14. Your recipes look amazing! I am also currently living in Germany and I have been on the search for natural peanut butter, but I only found one in dm. Could you please tell me where can I buy this_

  15. My vegan son have 7 years old and he love muffin 😋absolutely I will bake those for him 🤗👍🏼

  16. The sandwich looks amazing !

  17. The Plantiful Life

    that veggie sandwich omggg

  18. I just love this channel so much I wanna marry to it

  19. Awesome explosion ‼️

  20. why the heck are you talking SO STRANGELY?!

  21. I got reusable silicone cupcake liners off amazon and they’re amazing!! Make sure you get one that’s 100% silicone because some companies mix it with cheaper stuff so it doesn’t last and long and sticks. I’d look to see in the comments or description of it passes the “pinch test”

  22. That sandwich looks so good! It reminds me of the vegetarian bagel from Einstein’s I used to get

  23. MONKI crunchy peanut butter is amazing I think, you can usually get them in health food shops/ Reformhäuser. (They even have a huge 650gr jar of it!)

  24. where do i get the peanut butter you talked about? the organic one? 🙂

  25. Yummy!!!!

  26. Cäcilia Heidemann

    nutmeg and cloves would be great in the carrot cake muffins as well 🙂

  27. A few days ago i tried pitted dates, but their taste was so off! Do yours taste different from ones that still have pits?

  28. I'm jealous of that protein powder! Love your videos, they're never too complicated and you're definitely my favorite vegan food youtuber. Edit: I mean complicated as in a lot of odd ingredients, which too many recipes have.

  29. Can you do protein breakfast ideas?

  30. The Vegetarian Baker

    YES YES YES!!!!!!! I work nearly 12 hours a day and these are all perfect.

  31. I’m totally trying the carrot cake recipe! 🥕 also what sandwich bread brands do you recommend?

  32. Wo hast du denn die Erdnussbutter her? Ich find nie welche ohne Palmfett 😕

  33. Love this vid! Gonna try all of them! Can I sub sunbutter or cashew butter vs Pb to make the hummus, tho?

  34. Niiice 🙂

  35. Kannst du die rezepte auch mal auf deutsch noch mitschreiben?😍🤗

  36. That Mura Masa intro yass❤️

  37. Hey, can you pls make a video with recipes that includes dates? 🙂

  38. These look soooo good, huge thanks for revisiting the cupcake recipe! (and actually hearing the voices of your community <3)
    Do you think they would still work out if I ommited the oil/butter, just used fruit puree or subbed it for some flax egg?

  39. 🥑🥪 when the ingredients go in ǝsɹǝʌǝǝǝǝǝɹ 🥕🥒🧡 I love this video

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