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  1. Hey guys! sharing oats dosa recipe, its high fibre and is a good breakfast for diabetic ppl and for weight loss, The reason why I use rolled oats is that it less processed and has more fibre.
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  2. Nice and healthy recipe.. can this be given to kids? Is it good for them? Thanks!

  3. Gayathri Pandalai

    Please provide oats idly recipes too

  4. Gayathri Pandalai

    Wow this recipe is so different. Many ask to use Suji and curd for the batter.

  5. Dosha. ? pakistani language. ? Dosha. ?

  6. Sheela Palocaren

    Can idly be made out of the same recipe?

  7. How many days store for this batter

  8. Awesome

  9. How long can we store this in fridge mam?

  10. It's not getting cooked properly from inside despite of cooking each dosa for long time

  11. Akula Shaheen Begum

    Thank you for sharing a healthy oats dosa recipe.

  12. 1M subscribers 😍

  13. excellent😘

  14. Can u plz upload coconut chatni witch serve with dosa am looking for healthy n delicious in taste so I can enjoy with dosa

  15. Wonderful!

  16. Pz give nutritional information to this recipe

  17. Kindly share healthy juices or smoothies for PCOS people mam.

  18. Kindly share healthy juices or smoothies for PCOS people mam.

  19. Himabindu Kovuru

    Thanks for Sharing ; Superr Healthy Dosa 👌Hats off To Your Innovative ideas👏👏

  20. Hello ma'am.
    My mother is going through thyroid issues. Can you please suggest some recipes for thyroid patients?
    Thank you.

  21. bhakti sangeethsRohini Zalaki

    tq mam

  22. Maa..please share some psoriasis friendly recipe s

  23. Hiii mam… Can v use Quaker oats instead of rolled oats and can v store the batter in refrigerator…. Pls reply me…

  24. Very easy and quick recipe. Thanks mam

  25. whr did you buy this dava??

  26. Thanks maam, love all your recipes.
    Morever, its all healthy..great aid for in our weight loss journey.

  27. Congrats on 1M subscribers!!!

  28. Vandana Raghavan

    I bought the rolled oats online that you had suggested 👌🏻👍🏻

  29. What is the difference between normal oats and rolled oats?

  30. Shall we prepare it with normal oats?

  31. Aireen Annam Vlogs


  32. Evelyn Antonyraj

    Good recipe 👍

  33. Manjushree Shenoy

    Very nice dosa recipe dear Nisa madam 🙂 can we use instant oats for this dosa?

  34. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  35. I've never heard of half the ingredients you use but at 51 Ive discovered a passion for cooking. It pairs with my passion for eating.😂 I like your channel because it helps me to diversify my cooking portfolio. Thank you for your time and effort making these videos. Be blessed.

  36. Rama Chakkaravarthy

    Super healthy recipe can't wait to try it thanks for sharing this recipe

  37. Hi mam..Nice recipe..Thank you 👌😘

  38. Well Done 👍 Ma'am really good 👌 Recipe Thx I was in urge to learn

  39. Hello Nisha, try to log PDF below about your recipe, so that we can download and send it to other person.🤗

  40. Mam kindly post recepie for bp patients. Lots of people will be benefit

  41. Omg!!! Most awaited recipe. Thanks a lot 👍👍🙏🙏🙏

  42. Nice aunty..

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