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  1. Hope you guys enjoy these! I wanted to keep them simple! I'm going to have the written recipes WITH METHODS!!! On my website by tomorrow! PROMISE! I won't let ya'll down! Love always! xxx

  2. Nice I would love to try the squash.

  3. I love Strawberries


  4. I love Strawberries


  5. Amazingly delicious!!♡ great vid girl!

  6. cant wait to try this

  7. Wow really nice video! Love itt

  8. For one day a year you can eat the animal after all your lucky the christians aren't eating your flesh and drinking your blood like they do with JC, there is the point that carnivores do eat herbivores and there's no sin in that! Christmas is all about sacrifice.

  9. Cute = Sub

  10. Looks incredible!

  11. Omg I think I've been slacking. Been a whole since I clicked through to your site and you have so many beautiful new recipes there!

  12. D E L I S H !!! 💟

  13. That butternut squash recipe looks interestingly amazingly. I never thought of adding chestnuts. I may have to try this

  14. Girl those arms are getting strong 💪🏽


  16. Mam could y'all come up with a vegan Pemmican recipe? Then do a video on it? 😊😀

  17. This will be my second Christmas as a vegan! So excited to try out these recipes, this video was so satisfying haha 💕

  18. You're really helping me kick mock vegan replacement with whole food recipes!!! Thank you so much!!! <3

  19. I think Rachel Ama and I have very different defitions of 'simple'. That butternut squash has like 20 ingrediets at least. Got excited at the idea of attempting a 'simple' vegan Xmas main 🙁

  20. I could listen to you speak all day 😘

  21. I’m doin this! Thanks 🙏🏻

  22. We haven't even prepared all the food for Thanksgiving, but this makes us excited for Christmas already!😍

  23. mmm looked so delicious; definitely going to try, cheers Rachel! also fave christmas song is 'stop the cavalry' by jona lewie <3

  24. YUMMY 💜

  25. Donny Hathaway- This Christmas

  26. rachel this looks amazing wow!!!!

  27. Maria Doyle - Sofola

    I'm neither vegan or vegetarian but that dinner looks lit 👌❤️

  28. reminds me a bit of the Thanksgiving roast recipe from hot for food (not meat as hate but you should probably give credits) 🙂
    Overall this looks sooo delicious though!! I will for sure try the carrots

  29. Loved this video. What do you make for breakfast on Christmas Day and what do you make for dessert for your Christmas dinner?

  30. This looks DIVINE I am definitely making this. Thank you so much Rachel xx

  31. Jonnye Tiro Samuelu

    Classic Xmas Song – Oh Holy Night 👌

  32. That looks incredible, I can already taste the flavours!

  33. Looks delish! Mariah, all I want for Christmas; the Jackson 5 Christmas; California Raisins had a Christmas album also, and Stevie Wonder’s Ava aria…think it’s called Ava Maria (at least that’s what I sing!!!)

  34. Amazing!

  35. The lifeof Jonnelleoh TV

    How did you skip Thanksgiving lol

  36. For your last question, it's 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' by Frank Sinatra

  37. That Hippie Vegan Chick

    I struggle with thickening soups and sauces. Cornstarch never quite does it for me 🤔

  38. Rachel I'm so glad I found your channel! I love that you use whole foods and everything is prepared so beautifully creative and healthy! Thanks for all the ideas and recipes <3

  39. I've always loved that yellow potato recipe. Used it 3 times already. So good. Thank you!!!

  40. I've only been vegan since July but your recipes have helped me out so much! Thank you!

  41. Just lovely and cruelty free! Definitely doing this recipe.

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