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  1. Love you seriously very gooooooooooooood

  2. yummy cake ……. happy mother 's day

  3. Priya Sreekumar

    Lovely cake
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Priyanka Sharma

    U mk a wonderful recipe for the wonderful day…

  5. Wow I want to eat

  6. Happy mother's day di😍❤❤

  7. Wow Di sooooooooooooo delicious I love it

  8. Happy m'day

  9. Balasaheb Jadhav

    Very nice and yummy cake but ye bred cake he mene aapko oreo chocolate cake banane keliye kaha tha

  10. Thank u for such a nice recipe actually I am only 11 and I wanted to do something easy and beautiful for my mother.
    Very nice recipe thank u mam

  11. Sutikshan Pratap Singh

    Happy mother's day di

  12. Srinivasa Subramanyam

    You are really great

  13. Sindiya Aravind

    What's the letter ??? In English

  14. Nice

  15. Nice nd superb hpy mother's day

  16. Chan so beautiful cake

  17. Thanu's Gallery

    Dear let me know…link for buying nozzle and piping bags


    Super sister for ur patience.. WOW..

  19. Grt….. No words

  20. I love my mummy

  21. Wow very nice 👌

  22. Please give this video 1 like for all mothers

  23. soo lovely …. happy mother's day mam …stay blessed n happy…💕💕💕

  24. Happy mother day di yummy

  25. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers who who loves their mother give like to the video and me plz👍 of you don't give like to me it means you don't love your mother

  26. What u have written on the cake

  27. Nishi’s kitchen

    Thanks for making and sharing this wonderful recipe

  28. Mam the cream u use is that milai… Reply plz mam… Nd can we whisk in the blender…

  29. Happy mother's day

  30. Jyothi m Jyothi m


  31. Ravikumar Velusamy

    Excellence cake😊😃

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