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  1. Seonkyoung Longest

    YAY! Finally new recipe for the summer time~!! Last 2 weeks I've been in Atlantan GA & St. Agustin FL for my nephew Hanyeol & Trinity, my step daughter's high school gratulations! So proud of them and excited for those kidos with bright future!!! Congrats to all the kidos who graduated this year, amazing things will happen for y'all!!!
    If you want the written recipe for this Miso Butter Grilled Pork Chops, visit here -> http://seonkyounglongest.com/miso-butter-grilled-pork-chops/

  2. Medvedi Petrovichi

    I keep making your sticky Chinese pork ribs since i saw them on top chef. Made them at least 10 times now. Thank you for this new recipe, I'll make it soon and hopefully it will be a repeat as well.

  3. Cathryn MacDonald

    Hello from Syracuse NY. My mother is from Japan. My sisters and I love to watch your site. You’re so adorable and funny. We love your recipes and always look forward to your next video. Love you!

  4. Girl, you have outdone yourself. What a great Seonkyoung twist on a summer classic 🙌🙌🙏

    I've been scroll scroll and refresh refresh your channel u.u and rewatching some of your video huhu finally NEW VIDEO! 💯

  6. Love love you accent it’s makes me giggle 😘

  7. david pinewhistle

    salivating 😁 …

  8. You are so entertaining, your recipes are delicious, I have cooked many of them.

  9. Gracie Mae Lagua

    I've tried this pan fried instead of grilling. Turned out good and yummy. Thank you for your yummy dishes 🤗

  10. Why am I torturing myself watching this video before I go to bed!?!? I’m so craving this…looks beyond delicious!!!

  11. Ghee 🙂

  12. U recipe so delicious I love it tank you so much for this video.

  13. I loooove hearing you speaking Korean! You should do a video in Korean only 😄 (with subtitles obviously 🤪)

  14. You literally had me laughing the whole time! You say cheesy, I say brilliant. The miso jokes were great. This looked delicious!

  15. Love ur channel.. all ur recipes are simple easy and very helpful ❤

  16. Been waiting for a new vid!! Finally it's here ❤


  18. Cant wait to cook this for my husband!

  19. Crushi! Official Channel of Music, Art and Weird

    Whoa! The Pork Board is sponsoring Seonkyong Longest? That is a big huge deal. Thank you, Pork! This is a fantastic channel with the best food host and team. 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 Crushi!

  20. I don’t eat pork chops but that looks good

  21. 6:43 I shimmy like that everytime you post a video 😘

  22. “Miso happy” 😂🤣


    Miso overwhelmed with Miso puns..very punny!!! 😂

  24. Thumbs up for summa timeeee 🔥🌴👨‍🍳

  25. Kelly Rivenburgh-Wierzel

    I have everything for this —so going to make this !

  26. Omg you cook the most amazing food 😍😍😍

  27. I hope somebody ate the meat off those bones. That’s the best part.

  28. I'll try this marinade with lamb and/or steak instead. Thanks, Seonkyoung! Your recipes are awesome!

  29. Georgina Viesca

    Miss you girl!! Delicious recipe as always

  30. 4oceans bracelets..love them!

  31. QiaJenae Hamilton

    I know the Pork Board sponsored this, but for those vegetarians out there, this would be a great marinade for tofu steaks, I use Extra Firm tofu or if you prefer Seitan, or other. Yummy, as per usual, Seonkyoung! Love ya, Woman!

  32. Love your new kitchen!!! Can’t wait for all new videos in this kitchen!!!

  33. Pork shouldn't be pink should it? I love pork chop.

  34. Margot place Pringle

    What is miso ? 🙏🏽

  35. Miso Happy 🤣🤣

    Great recipe, yum😋

  36. Something Different

    I don't get ppl liking miso, it taste too sweet and flavor itself is so mild the sweetness overpowers the subtle flavor. With steaks, i prefer either nothing on it but salt or strong sauce. Whenever restaurant give me miso soup, i'm like 😐 … i only take one spoon and i'm done.

  37. I have a couple pork tenderloins that I have been trying to think of something to do with and now I know.

  38. Looks good lass.

  39. Missed you, welcome back.

  40. I'm not a huge fan of pork… but Seonkyoung, you make this look SO good!! I think I must try it!!

  41. We have matching 4ocean bracelets

  42. pwrfect grill recipe for summer thanks for sharing always love your recipe

  43. Orlando Dela Cruz

    Yum. Yum yummy 😋. More power. God bless you always ❤ watching from Auckland New Zealand. Thank you for sharing!

  44. can i replace the miso with doenjang?

  45. This sounds amazing! Can't wait to try it.

  46. I just love your bright personality… I love everything about you. You bring a smile to my face when I watch your videos. Thank you for sharing these recipes with us. Keep up the good work.

  47. Seonkyoung, it was so nice to see and hear you again on the YouTube channel🤗. I missed hearing your beautiful voice, and seeing you dancing about in your kitchen while you cook. Those miso butter grilled pork chops looked so heavenly and delicious😋…my mouth is watering!!! I can never get enough Seonkyoung Longest and her sweet, sexy personality…and her scrumptious recipes🥰👏👏👏. You are an absolute treasure Seonkyoung🤗. Thank you for sharing another video with us. Yay💖💖💖!!! Miso happy🙏.

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