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  1. Alexandru EPURAN

    Seen yesterday the 100 yo lady making Sicilian pasta. Can’t not love them… ALL of them !!!

  2. I liked so much, she is adorable

  3. I miss both of my grandmothers. She is adorable. I just found out about this channel. Great job and thank you. I will make these. Hello from Greece!

  4. She’s soooooo cuuttteeee!!! OH MY GOSH!!! I wish I had a Granny

  5. I just wanted to reach in through the screen and give her a hug. She is so wonderful!
    Reminds me of my own nana.

  6. Maria Fiorella Borrini

    Che bella Persona! Brava👏Il Signore la benedica!👼

  7. Ποσο γλυκια γιαγια να εχει καλο παραδεισο

  8. Dio Santo. 💓💓💓💓💓

  9. she is adorable

  10. I wish I could try it! Looks amazing.

  11. Italy

  12. Sabrina Mucelli

    Adorabile 💕💋💋

  13. Who the heck doesn't like this??

  14. That’s no 90 something year old… just look at that kneading … must work out 💪

  15. Justyna Grzybek

    Nonna, you are like a candy❤️❤️❤️

  16. Nonna Giuseppa is the most darling lady! I’ve watched this episode over and over. She is so wonderful. God bless her.

  17. How I would love to try this… I'm getting hungry just watching this nice old lady cook with so much energy and joy. 😘

  18. Oh she's just so adorable

  19. Lovely Grandma 🙂 Her pasta is amazing. Cooking with tradition and italian spirit 🙂 very good! I hope that new Cooking videos will be soon :D! Regards!

  20. Yes queen make that pasta

  21. I love Pasta Grannies!!!
    Now, I’m hungry!

  22. My grandmother is absolutely evil person so it’s nice to see some good nans out there. Wish I could adopt myself a granny like that.

  23. Lovely granny you had👍

  24. Mariavictoria Ortiz

    she doesn't even look like a 95 year old! Grandmas are amazing

  25. Kathryn Flaherty

    Omg I want her in my family! She’s so cute and very talented. Thank you and Ms Porcu for sharing her talents with us. Thank you for this video. God bless

  26. The tool used from Giuseppa is the back side of a parmesan cheese grater.

  27. She is brilliant and that sauce looks really delicious! Lovely!

  28. Canal da Isadora Dias

    I love these grannie!!! These pastas are so hard to make it!!!

  29. These women have so much knowledge. It would be a pleasure to spend time with them

  30. That old traditional way of cooking will soon be gone. So sad!

  31. 😘❤

  32. I don't know why but whenever I see like Italians make their pasta they look really scrumptious even if it's not much in it but cheese and tomato sauce.

  33. Elizabeth White

    I have a 103 year old great-grandmother that can still make pasta and has been doing so for almost a century.

  34. Shes a cutie pie. Reminds me of my grandma.

  35. louisa malaspina

    love this

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