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  1. Kuhinja Valentina Mašković

    The recipe is beautiful as always. Thank you for the wonderful recipes you present to us. I'm delighted with my kitchen.❤👍👍👍👍👍

  2. We've been thinking just recently where to find a good video on poppy seed lemon cake? I remember that it tastes so good… even if you don't like lemon flavor in cakes. Suddenly I got it! Telepathy! Thanks for uploading! Looks amazing and easy to do..

  3. looks so good and yummy

  4. Love love love the cake …. pretty cake 💛 pretty spatula 💜 good music. Just one question… instead of 8” can three 6” or two 9” pans be used ?

  5. 😋😋😋

  6. best cake good

  7. Αντωνης Χαλατσης


  8. And you can't ever go wrong with cream cheese frosting!

  9. Siranoush Malkhasian


  10. Altamash Rehmani

    Nice recipe

  11. Rueders Culinary Institute

    One of the most amazing looking cake I ever saw. Looks so incredibly good. Really great job!

  12. Maria Tomazio da Silva


  13. I don't have access to vanilla essence and buttermilk in eastern Europe, can I use vanilla soy milk?

  14. Wow zaberdst recipe

  15. First

  16. Legs of Octopus • Food & Lifestyle

    Puppy seeds are so tasty!! 😋

  17. Cook With Nidha

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  18. Cook With Nidha

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  19. Ohh, yum, love poppy seed!

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