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  1. Why is everything in a can?

  2. marcus_disibio14

    omg it makes my mouth water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It's really looks delicious & light < but can I know how many calories in this meal ????

  4. I made this with the salad and it was delicious and my mom love it 😂 thank u

  5. Im lebanese and this is one of the ways we marinate and cook our chicken, enjoyed it ,thank you.

  6. Thano Mitsilias

    Thank-you for this. I am making it today family gathering.
    Really look forward to it. 🙂

  7. Your words like russian.
    Please talk Arabic no problem

  8. Farjana Farjana

    Nice recipes

  9. Olivia Home Kitchen


  10. Awesome 👌

  11. I'll.try

  12. I am bangol taigar I like hot spices food

  13. Nice

  14. I'm a pilipino but this lady sounds like Indian ..

  15. Can I pan fry it ?

  16. UR DADDY El Ghoche

    That is a good Recipe but be sure its not Lebanese , I'm Lebanese & you can take my word for that ,oh i almost forgot I'm a Chef too;)

  17. Sandy thanks for this Lebanese recipe, looks delicious

  18. as im lebanese I'm proud of you cooking leb food and showing your followers. .best like and subscribe

  19. Chalotte Bachino

    my uncle is working in Lebanon his name is Peter and work in restaurant

  20. And i will throw up if you put honey or sugar in my food again. desert is another matter and then i love honey….so u know.

  21. yes my dear, simple and easy but the ingredient list is endless and it takes upto an hour to cook. Great.

  22. humera ghazanfar

    what u add in the end to the marination

  23. Nice video.. But some background music would be nice..

  24. off your slowdown

  25. Salamat Po!

  26. love for Mexico and south America

  27. wow i love this chicken recipe ..thank u ..imma.try it

  28. i mommy it look so delicious 😎

  29. MashaAllah what an excellent dish cooked in a simple way.

  30. It's very near to Lebanese marinade but it's deferent Presentation but it's good test if you tray wthe fresh grick saladTank you sister sandy

  31. looks great! thanks 💜


  33. Alexandre Ampere Sarmiento

    You Sound Like A Visayan English I Like How You Cook

  34. Made it today. Was delicious!

  35. Please don't buy Tyson chicken. They torture the poor birds and have them live in disgusting conditions. And you eat it!

  36. Hello. Could you please tell me the best temperature to grill the chicken?

  37. shermarke simon


  38. awesome loving it 😀 great job amigo

  39. She is Filipino

  40. great tips on family meal. looks wonderful. thanks for sharing.

  41. tried this and i love it! like!

  42. Nice cant wait

  43. I am Lebanese and we don't use honey in our savory dishes!

  44. Ndinda Everlyne

    I'll try this noon and I like listening your assent.

  45. Ganesan Vijayan

    thank you sister

  46. is that the same recipe as shawarma chicken?

  47. Can i merinate it for just 1 hour.I cant wait

  48. Can i merinate it for just 1 hour.I cant wait

  49. Can i merinate it for just 1 hour

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