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  1. Thanks for the muffin recipe!

  2. Love these videos!
    Can you try to make crispy cookies or crackers without oil?

  3. Vegan oil free churro?

  4. Thank you for the recipes will make them! Make more videos like these 🙂

  5. Lecarrow Equestrian

    Tomorrow I am going to start the clear skin diet.

  6. I haven't watched your videos in a while but you are looking better than ever!

  7. You girls put me in such a positive mood! And when you were talking about being positive 85% of the time, I appreciated your honesty! Something I've noticed, is of you know "that person" that ALWAYS seems so positive, CHECK UP ON THEM. So many people seem positive but are struggling silently. So thanks for the honesty! Love you guys!

  8. Nina is looking hot. I can't say that about Randa because she has a boyfriend. I wouldn't want an open relationship either if I was in a relationship. The recipe's were great and good food.

  9. Can you make a “cake” recipe which is a bit more crumbly in texture ? I’m not a fan of the fudgy and soft texture but would love to bake something healthy..

  10. Awhhh the Trevor story ☺️ so cute I haven’t been so lucky with bumble yet but looking forward to it haha

  11. Oeh love that you are wearing earring randa, looks so cute ☺️

  12. NOoooOoOo! I keep seeing videos where people put their tortillas in the microwave. They’re much better in a pan on the stove and they don’t take much time either. They get much softer and bendy that way.

  13. Please a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES recipe !!! And what kind of food processor do you have? Love your videos. 😊

  14. I love these videos! Thank you so much 😊

  15. you eat a whoooooole lot of oats tho X)

  16. How do u guys stay and keep ur diet so well? Don’t u guys feel like u wanna eat like normal food sometimes? Even vegan chocolate chip muffin or something like that. Its so hard to keep me away from those temptations. And even if i follow your diet well, most of time I over eat like too much bc i feel empty and just ..lack of something. Could u please make video about these issue if you guys also had similar struggle before? I have been following ur diet since jan this year but i had so many times that i ate sth that i should not eat and it break me out so i regret it but i just repeats again. Its like never ending cycle. I want to be like u guys… you follow your diet so well…

  17. And i love your what i eat in a day video so much🙀🤤😍 It really helps when i get to know exactly how much you eat. Since u said too much calorie also affect acne negatively, its useful to know how much ish you guys eat in a day.

  18. Does almond milk breaks our skin out? I drink unsweetened almond breeze since its just 3% ish fat in 1 cup but um suddenly i feel like .. i am afraid if i should not do this.

  19. Nice 🙂 but watch out with that sunburn tho

  20. All recipes looked yummy. But may have to try those muffins. I have everything for it. 🙂

  21. You call that lazy! You guys are definitely not eating LAZY! 😂😂

  22. Olivia's Opulence

    I LOVE this video!! You two are amazing!!

  23. Just love your connection and work ethic and lifestyle! I have identical twin vegan sons and it's such a special thing watching hem grow up and seeing their different personalities! We'll def be trying the sweet potato muffins!

  24. do you guys eat gluten?

  25. Healthy brownies or chocolate chip cookies!!!

  26. Please make sure y'all are eating enough calories for your bodies. You are both gorgeous people, inside and out. I hope that I'm wrong and that you have enough body fat to have essential hormone production. Love your videos!

  27. nina is my fave. only because she's single. and I am too

  28. That Girl in Pink

    I enjoy your what I eat in a day bc it just shows us all how consistent you are with your diet and clearly, consistency works. Great job!

  29. I really don't like bananas. Can I substitute them for something else?

  30. You could add baking powder to the muffins to make them fluffy. And some maple syrup too😁

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