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  1. Oh Rose!The soba recipe looked so delicious that I went home and made it!!!!so very delicious!
    You changed my life again!!!!!thank you!!!!!!!

  2. "I like to add different greens… If I have some."


  3. Noodle bowls are my go-to meals on busy days, and days when I'm not feeling well. A great way to clean out the fridge and freezer of any stray veg…with a tasty sauce you have dinner! And I love noodles, any way.

  4. Yes more 5-minute recipe videos!!! Thumbs up!!

  5. Sorry that I'm late love your videos

  6. haven’t watched your vids in a while AND CAN I SAY THAT YOUR MAKE UP GAME GOT SO FUCKING STRONG. you look fucking gorgeous (also without of course lysm)

  7. Maroxa’s Choices

    I have ruined many a dish by “eyeballing”!
    I’d rather have a measurement or an estimate of measurement like a tablespoon etc… then if I make it again, I can adjust the seasonings with not too much “craziness” 😎

  8. Love cold noodles!. Yes pls do more!

  9. If you leave a wooden spoon in the kitchen pan it shouldn’t boil over!!

  10. Rose you are making me HUNGRY ! Now I need to make those soba noodles 😍

  11. Rose you’re a Super ‘Vegan’ 🦸‍♀️ Hero

  12. Love this video, short, sweet (or should I say delicious?), and to the point. Also, I love your slippers! 🙂

  13. hi camera quality!!!!

  14. Great video! I love Asian dishes, love noodles, and I especially love dishes that are quick and easy to make.
    However, I believe that you are mistaken when you say that pumpkin seeds are a good source of omega 3. They are not. They have omega 6. Pumpkin seeds have other nutrients, but for omega 3 fats we should have flax, chia, hemp or walnuts.

  15. genius …id come for tea …or take away …just want your grub ha ha ❣️

  16. Did you move again?

  17. I live in mexico so i will have to research how those noodles are called here.
    Looks yummy!

  18. kirstie coddington

    Rose you are gorgeous 😍😍

  19. Every single one of your videos r soooooo amazing…….I LOVE it when u say
    “”oooo k aaaaa y” ???…….More 5 minute recipes ‼️‼️

  20. Mmmmmm lunch!

  21. I loveeee your channel wow

  22. Except for sprouts and coco aminos, I have ALL of the ingredients for this recipe at home, and I was just sitting around wondering what to make for dinner tonight. Thank you so much for this, your channel has made my transition to a plant-based diet so much easier! 😊

  23. I love your recipes, but I have to mute or skip parts just because hearing people chew makes me so uncomfortable

  24. Courtney HAMILTON

    I have never tried a recipe of yours that I didn't like! I am excited for the new e book!~ I should probably get the original e-book first Lol keep up the good work Rose 😀

  25. Mary's Test Kitchen

    yesss so good for summer!

  26. That looks soooo good.  I love the pink slippers, you are just the cutest.

  27. Rumi in Wonderland

    Rose please wash the salad 😳

  28. Pumpkin seed contains omega 6 not omega 3 throw some canola oil girl for omega 3

  29. Aleksandra Wajnert


  30. The color contrast of edamame beass and the soba noodles when you mixed them was SOooo Satisfying!!!!!!! Great camera!

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