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  2. Craving this now! can't wait till your food is available in Los Angeles!

  3. I havent even watch the video yet but im so Def doing this for my parents this weekend

  4. My husband makes something like this, but uses frozen naan to make it easy. This looks delicious!

  5. Thanks Gaz, for introducing me to my future in-laws. Love you. ❤


  6. Awesome garden Mr. Gaz!!! Love that oven too! I can’t wait to try this dish, it looks mouthwatering:)

  7. Nęįyūń Šėrpęńt

    You are great❤️❤️👑✨🙌🙌💪😻

  8. Niiice😍 you can also use lentils as vegan mince.

  9. Dude you’re handsome

  10. Your parents must be so proud of you!

  11. Angela Rochester

    This looks amazing 😋

  12. I love you.

  13. Wow, your mom is stunning.

  14. Acelya Lancaster

    As a Turkish person, it was literally the fanciest Lahmacun I’ve ever seen! Totally in awe of your channel!!!

  15. I love it! Such ja nice intuitive style!🙏🏻

  16. You are the best…I love seeing your parents. You know who helped you get where you are now.

  17. Looks delicious!! Love seeing your mom and dad in the video. So sweet

  18. Thank you. 👍

  19. Ah, it warms the heart to see how gently proud your parents are of you. You are a credit to your family : ) Pizza looks delicious; I think a combo of finely minced walnuts, cashews, and pistachios would make a nice replacement for the vegan mince in the sauce, so that's what I'll use when I make this. Off to source rose petals! TFP : )

  20. I am turkish, living in turkey and lahmacun was one of my favorite choice on a restaurant before i went vegan. And i think your inspration from it looks absolutely delicious 🙂 btw who wants to try vegan version but can’t find vegan meat; try with cooked lentils, it works great. Thank you gaz! ❤️

  21. If anyone is interested in avoiding the typical mistakes when making Italian pizza, they can check out this video by a professional pizzaiolo from Napoli. There are also English subtitles.

  22. Shraddha Ranawat

    What a fantastic recipe!

  23. Lovely parents, I wish you all good health!

  24. Amazing Gaz! What yoghurt do you use? I find soy yoghurt with savoury dishes has a bit of weird taste…?

  25. Alexis Priscilla

    Damn Gaz! Appreciate the consistency! I’ve been loving these new recipes. 😁

  26. As much as I love you man. There is a hint of jealousy every time I watch you cook. I wish I could completely own a kitchen (or parents back garden) like you do. Your a legend. Can't wait to try this recipe. Much appreciated!! 🙏✌️

  27. What a beautiful outdoor video, and amazing looking pizzas! You are a joy to watch! So happy for all the good things happening – you totally deserve it!!! Keep living your dream!

  28. bohemian and natural

    Lovely video. Congrats

  29. Eating meat is nonsense when you see this! Here you have it all! We need your work for our activism. Thanks.

  30. Ohhh shoot my turkish self jumped on her feet when I heard the words vegan and lahmacun in the same sentence lol

  31. I am Turkish lmao

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