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  1. _Radical_Vegan_

    The bananas aren’t even ripped of course it’s gonna taste harsh smh

  2. Offensive vegan stereotype, that made me lol. Entertaining video!

  3. Celina Bond - Dating Coach

    IM THE SAME WITH BANANAS. It's the one fruit i do not like because of the mushy texture and aroma when fully ripe 🙁 ha
    that being said, your bananas were so NOT ripe for this (or for fruit consumption) 🙂


  5. Real Life Clean Living

    blech! This recipe is just dumb to me haha… too much time and work for one sandwich… This recipe and that watermelon Ham that was floating around a while back… this is why people hate vegans haha 😉

  6. Amberscupcakes

    I don't understand how this is using "kitchen scraps" considering you are purposely buying unripe bananas which most people don't eat and have limited purpose

  7. 1/2 tablespoon = 1- 1/2 teaspoons.

  8. Flor der Campo

    I wouldn't even attempt to eat unripe bananas. Call for a tummy ache.

  9. pattianne pascual

    Thank you for making this and saving us a lot of trouble and money on ingredients.

  10. In the original recipe it says not to use green bananas 🤷🏽‍♀️ maybe you would have better luck with a banana peel that is a little more ripe because bbq banana peel is fire 🔥

  11. Vanessa Forsythe

    Some things I don't need to try to know that it's a no no.

  12. Your bananas are green….no wonder!

  13. Giuse GeezusCries

    Well, I saw some comments about South American people doing that and I think that's fine. But for the people that are not living in "banana areas" that might be toxic! All the chemicals on the skin to make it arrive them green (e.g. in Europe).. I don't want to know what they do to your body, but I don't think thats any good…

  14. You did it soo wrong! Vegana Bacana did it!

  15. isn't half a tablespoon same as one teaspoon? 😅😅

  16. Cilantro and Citronella

    As most people have pointed out, the bananas are too green. I have updated my recipe to clarify the fact that the bananas do indeed need to be ripe. You'll find the following modification in the notes section of my recipe: *NOTE: There has been a lot of confusion regarding how yellow vs. green the bananas need to be. As you can see in my photos, the bananas I use are yellow. However, they are still firm to the touch and SLIGHTLY underripe (tinges of green around the stem) as opposed to brown and soft to the touch. Do not use mostly green bananas. Mostly green bananas are more similar in texture to the plaintains that I discuss in the post above. They are better to be simmered in water first to soften.

  17. I think the fact that the bananas are green are really affecting the result. We need more testing! 😤

  18. Michelle Winspear

    i think it would work better if you boiled the peels in water for about 10-15 mins first

  19. NoracharlotteB

    You’re so negative. Hm

  20. I’m really curious what would happen if you used a ripe or over ripe banana peel. Not curious enough to find out for myself though lol

  21. Even if it was delicious it sounds like it wouldn't even be edible / healthy to eat the skin.

  22. Confused why you said half a tablespoon isn't really a measurement…?

  23. I had it and it was good but It was a lot of work for just a sandwich.

  24. I'll definitely stay with jackfruit lol..

  25. Sigh….another one bites the dust I guess. Really sad to see this title when no one seems to be able to do it right. This is actually really delicious if you aren't going into it already judging it, it's just people love to crap on things that sound "weird". Use organic bananas that are yellow, but with as few spots as possible, scrape as much of the inside whites out as possible, and make sure to simmer long enough adding water as you go. If you taste as you cook you'll know when it's done. I used sweet baby rays, maple syrup, whole grain mustard, liquid smoke and spices and it was so delicious. Even my meat eater partner devoured it.

  26. Why? I’d hoped this trend would die. It’s clearly gross. Also, plant based isn’t fake or mock. (Foolish is foolish though, lol.) As ambassadors, we have to be mindful about how we sell our delicious ACTUAL, wonderful food. 👍

  27. Ummm….

  28. I thought this was juliens video! Lmao but still satisfied

  29. I wonder if the bananas could be fried, like plantains are, and either be put on the sandwich, or sprinkle powdered sugar over them, and eat as a side dish with the bbq?

  30. The chef whose video I watched made the banana peel bbq, but when she got all the white off the inside of the peel, and then cut the peel in strips with a fork, she didn’t go through to the other side. She turned the peel over, and ran the fork across the peel side to make it tender. I tried the recipe. Didn’t like it because I didn’t cook it long enough, and it still had the bitter taste.

  31. This was the worst thing I've ever put in my mouth. Such a waste. Bloody disgusting.

  32. You are a brave soul 😂😂

  33. David Friedman

    1 tbsp is 3 tsp so 1/2 tbsp is 1.5 tsp which you can measure or just eye ball lol

  34. Yea, gross

  35. So all that work for one sandwich?🤯

  36. Chloe Randolph

    The texture is f**ckd. Lmaoooo

  37. Oh no girl oh nooo

  38. I think….no!

  39. Biggest dupe to vegans ever I guess. I haven's seen one good result yet.

  40. Carrot hotdog please

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