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  1. As a mexican chef the nachos has to have lots of cheese especially the yellow cheese which is the classic, you can also use any variety of cheese and you can add jalapeños.But it you want more than just cheese you can make your nachos with any kind of beef or carne like carnitas,carne asada,pollo asado,mariscos(aguachile) any tpe of nachos with stacks of ingredients( besns,guacamole,sour cream, cheese,etc…)You can even mske them the way you want them as long as you have the tortilla chips of any kind present with lots of cheese.

  2. If you're a vegan, you're a faggot.

  3. Do not use aluminum foil with heat

  4. StrivingFor Mindfulness

    I like the sour cream in the diy squeeze bottle more than the name brand squeeze tube of sour cream. Tried it once, too much waste. This seems like less waste. 👍🏻

  5. Where. Did the chess go

  6. Latrell Spencer

    The best recipe I’ve tried, thank you

  7. You are absolutely adorable!…and the Nachos look great too 🙂

  8. Wow I did this recipe and it was a success with my friends, really good 😉😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Great recipe! Looks delicious! Thank you for sharing this awesome recipe. I will definitely make this for my family.

  10. Amazing content!! Home cooking is the best if you know what you are doing 🙂

  11. I just wanted to know how to make cheese and chip nachos

  12. She prolly farted and shittd after

  13. thats not enough garlic

  14. There goes my keto diet🤤

  15. Blessed Favored

    My goodness, that looks so good. I'm going to try to make this for family movie night.

  16. I'd really like to serve these for a large party, what suggestions do you have for keeping hot in that pan on a nacho buffet?

  17. Rudiann Wildgoose-Laing

    That is not enough sour cream🤨

  18. Yeah I'm gone need like 2 or three trays of those. Nice video presentation.

  19. Alberto Sanchez

    Where the fuck is the nacho cheese they look dry af

  20. Matthew Stansbury

    Made a good nacho then chased it with some of that mule piss. Lol

  21. I think I found my second wife!

  22. Derrick Workman

    Can you mix raw beef with onions before the beef is cooked?

  23. This is abhorrent. Shut this down NOW.

  24. Donnabelle Naval

    Bravo, one of the best part of this video is avoiding the empty nacho, haha aside of the recipe looks so great!

  25. I would like to Thank Lena for presenting this AWESOME Recipe and also to Shazam for helping Me track down one of the Songs featured in this Video titled: Smooth Temptation by Lenny Ibizarre from The Ambient Collection Vol. 2!

  26. Am I fat or is that not enough cheese?

  27. Drain the fat ..☹☹☹

  28. Tony James Gilpin

    That ASMR put me to sleep!

  29. Nachos and beer 👍👌

  30. Really looks good here👌🏼

  31. WOW!!! that looks great. If I wanted to add Mexican rice to this would it still be okay? If so, how would you go about adding it? Also, sour cream is a must here. How do you apply it? Thanks (sorry for all the questions). I'm a guy that wants to start cooking more at home more. Thanks.

  32. ILike it your video 👍👍👍👍

  33. wouldnt this just make the chips soggy af

  34. amazing

  35. The Lazy Girls Kitchen

    This looks amazing! Definitely will be trying these! I have some really easy and delicious recipes over on my channel, feel free to take a look.

  36. the most JAJAJAJAJAJA video ive ever seen.

  37. jinaab aap sab ka baap

    The food looks lovely. I just wish she would tone down the patrinising way of talking. It may be her accent. Hate it.

  38. I love how she's a little awkward in a cute way.

  39. Krisztián Wirsz

    Delish, flave, vege…what the hell is happening with English??

  40. wish u would talk less and get to the point..it was so slow it was painful to watch…very painful….there are 1000s of videos uploaded everyday and i cant stand anything more than 2-3 mins….

  41. I am an omelette p

    Watching this video while on a diet, eating a pea soup and a salad pretending it's those nachos.

  42. Esa mamadas no son nachos

  43. Im too lazy to cook and mash my own beans. So I buy canned but refry them in a pan full of bacon grease.

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