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  1. Hel LokisDaughter

    Would make a pretty great salad too

  2. Heghineh Cooking Show

    Looks good, I'd skip the chicken though

  3. Ohhh Yea. I definitely will give it a try.

  4. I want to know how to make the Italian dressing

  5. Nice! I was going to do a bruschetta on my channel soon. I usually keep bruschetta vegetarian, though. Look great.

  6. Instead of discarding the first batch of dressing, simply heat it to 165°F in a saucepan. It will be safe to eat so you can use it for the final dressing.

  7. finally the narrator is back

  8. wow she came back!!I love her voice and the music starting with this video 8^D

  9. Nice. It's pronounced "broo -SKET-tah", though.

  10. Three times in one weekend seems a bit excessive though. 😉

  11. Its looks amazing

  12. Looks like a perfect summer dish.

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