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  1. Hey mom

  2. The Modest Hobbit

    "Its as if I'M YOUR MOM"…OMG Hannah I truly adore you. Truly.

  3. Thank you hannah for empowering people with everyday cooking skills and doing it in a non-patronizing way, especially when you show us the banal details that some of us may overlook!
    Just a few things i’d note:
    Try doing the claw method when chopping – meet your index finger, middle finger and thumb together to hold what ever you are cutting so it avoids being hit by the knife.
    I recommend not swiping the knife as it’s an easy way to cut yourself if it’s a sharp blade!
    Also if you are working with difficult vegetables to chop, always try to create a flat surface or cutting it in half to create stability and go from there.
    I used to train a lot of new employees in the kitchen. It all takes practice and patience 🙂 Good luck guys!

  4. Gillian Therese

    butter…tablespoon, not teaspoon…thank you for talking about baking. People freak out about baking FAR too much. It is completely possible to do both well. 🙂

  5. you have such great content! very helpful tips about cooking! keep it up 🙂

  6. small footprint

    Hannah, you're wonderful. So natural. Everything looks so good. Thanks for showing us how you do it.

  7. Gillian Therese

    Oye, chica! After taking off jewelry, people need to WASH & DRY THEIR HANDS properly & thoroughly, before touching ANY food! Unfortunately, it doesn't & shouldn't go without saying.

  8. Another tip: if you don't have a scale but you do have a measuring cup, or vice versa, you can just search on the internet "how much is 150g of flour in ml" or how much is "200ml soy cream in g", and then you can measure out the qualities with the instruments you have. 🙂 (Coming from someone who's scale broke a few months ago…)

  9. Eline's Happy Place

    This video is so useful even though I have quite some cooking experience!

  10. Why no oil H.??? 🤔

  11. One Body Wellness

    Great video. Thanks for the tips. I love that a lot of my fav vegan Youtubers are getting all settles in new places. I just moved a few months ago aftet traveling with my 2 year old. Feels good to cook at home 👍

  12. I've been watching you for a while and absolutely love. I'm generally not a commenter but I just had to compliment your new glasses. They brighten your face so much and are beautiful!!! And while I'm at it, you're so great. So ambitious and impressive yet so real and imperfect in tje best way. Have a great day!!

  13. Excellent video but I never follow a vegan recipe because I like to make it a bit different by making my own twist to it. I also don't like recipes that takes longer than 1 hour to make, I don't want to take that long before I eat. I have been cooking since I was 13 and now I am 45 so it's down to experience that I can change or adapt a recipe to my own liking. The exception to that is baking I just don't do it.

  14. Brittney Watson

    This is such a great video!


  16. This is awesome. I cook all the time and still loved watching this video. Would love to see what if anything you like to prep ahead of time. I've been chopping an extra onion, garlic, veggies etc when I have the time because I have a toddler and find myself opting for quick, less nutricious meals when I'm in a time crunch. So, when everything is prechopped, it's much easier to throw together a curry dish or soup or stir fry etc. But! I've found if I do the onion, my whole fridge smelled, so I'm trying to figure out which veggies, sauces etc are better to make ahead and what should happen day of/ meal time. Thanks!!

  17. Hey!I'm a vegan teen trying to grow my channel! Anybody can subscribe if they want 🙂

  18. Oh, I have a question. Do you rinse your rice before you cook It? If so, could you share how you do it. Sounds stupid but you should see me trying to do this. Also, say you’re cooking one cup. Do you measure the one cup, rinse it and throw in pan to cook it? I seem to lose some in the rinsing process.

  19. I always love your videos! This one was super helpful with me being a slow chopper lol

  20. Emmelien Breeman

    Loved this! I am obsessed with cooking so I don't think I learned anything new, but honestly I'd watch you talk about pretty much anything because I love the way your brain works. Watching you cook was especially fun though!

    Also, have you changed something about your face? The glasses maybe? Or is your hair longer? I'm not sure what it is but the last few videos I've seen I kept thinking man, she looks great!

  21. This was so awesome. Some stuff I already knew but I actually learned a few things. I’m not a great cook but I can get through if I follow the recipe. Although I frequently find it intimidating. Honestly, if I saw that bean recipe, I would have kept going but watching you took some of the anxiety away. I will read a recipe over and over….and over.🙄 I also didn’t realize you could roast vegetables naked. Hmmmm. Who knew? Thanks for sharing. Maybe do more “cook with me” videos versus “what I eat in a day”. Cheers!

  22. Don’t you miss out on the browning flavour of sautéing things when you are basically boiling things in water?

  23. Wash your hands.
    And tie your hair back.

  24. When I hear people talk about how their mother taught them how to cook, I realise how fortunate I am to have had the example of both parents cooking often.

  25. found you through your sister's channel….you are too adorable.

  26. In Mississippi and ordering that cookbook today!

  27. Hannah what was the song at the end of your video! loved it btw hehe

  28. Another amazing video!!!

  29. put legend in Portuguese

  30. Please continue this series! I loved this.

  31. Tip :- With bell peppers, if you press down firmly on the stalk, it will fall right into the pepper hole and you can then take it out, that way you don't lose any of the pepper at all, just the stalk and seeds. Try it next time, it works.

  32. Thrive Compassionately!

    💕love the step by step! Check out similar cooking videos on Thrive Compassionately!🐇🌱

  33. You took your rings off but your hair was hanging all over the place when you were chopping. Maybe tie it back when doing cooking videos?

  34. Season 6 is a good place to stop while it's ahead 😅 then just skip up to episode 3 of season 8 and no more lol.

  35. Ariana Heeraman

    Hannah thank you so much! Please do more of these. I really can't cook lol and these tips are helpful.

  36. Carolina Rodriguez

    Hannah are you going to have kids? By the way great video💛😊

  37. mini vegan girl

    I love this video! Also, LOVE the Mississippi Vegan cookbook

  38. PS Try a small serrated knife for cutting your tomatoes! Game changer 😏

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