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  1. Thanks for sharing. I will it this weekend 🙂

  2. she's so hot and seems like sweetheart

  3. Give your meat a good ol rub 👨🏾‍🍳 2:05

  4. I don't eat anything medium rare.. Well done or nothing at all…

  5. That's it!! Marry me now!!!

  6. She looks young but she has a white hair and wrinkles on forehead. Can’t figure out her age.

  7. You are fucking annoying

  8. Nice video, plain and simple salt pepper check, olive oil check, sear both sides check no random order here ,put in oven 5 minutes per inch check, wait what 5 minutes per inch wtf.

  9. Sanel Šabanovič

    So when was the steak put in the owen?


  11. looks raw caution do not cook like this you will get sick. 150-160 is cooked i can tell you that is not cooked im a chef in a restaurant

  12. Ty sooo much for this video. I have NEVER decently cooked a steak! Now…I have hope.😜

  13. This woman is trying hard Cooking Channel chef wannabe.

    Focus the camera on the steak not on your face for Chrissake. More than 50% of the screentime is focus on this woman's vain ugly face.

  14. Don't watch this at midnight, you will find everything sexual

  15. Thanks for sharing the video, would love to see more doing than talking. thanks!

  16. Personally, i like to salt bae the whole cow field plus the mother cow's ovaries plus the father cow's ballsack for perfect seasoning of the future baby cow.

  17. what are the estimated duration of complete cooking?

  18. Hercules Rockefeller

    I wanted to learn how to cook a steak, not grade it and such. Poor.

  19. I've only once in my life had a perfect steak. He was an ol black in a rig in near Britton sound. Absolutely perfect juicy well done steak. So tender it would melt in your mouth. It did not matter how he cooked it, on the charcoal BBQ, in plain skillet on the stove. It all had the same end result.

  20. I love you

  21. She talks more

  22. That steak came out medium well.

  23. That's the family dinner we eat every midnight

  24. Bryan Desjarlais


  25. I’m doing this tomorrow. It’s gonna be a loooooong night. 👍🏽

  26. Eric Montelongo

    Butter? Nah…

  27. that skillet isnt the only thing that is smoking hot in that kitchen….

  28. you are so pretty

  29. Those steaks look incredible, complete perfection.

  30. Will you move into my kitchen? I am well done

  31. Where does one find a stay at the home chef? I keep getting runaways, must I use ball and chain, what's the secret?

  32. Chose a nice thicc steak.

  33. Jheazel Joy Beldad

    you couldve focused it on the steak more or you shoulve accepted the colgate endorsement instead

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