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  1. Gracious Treatz

    Hi there. In this recipe, I have used cake flour but you can also use normal plain flour. Please refer to my written recipe in the description box. I have made a slight typo in the video. It's baking powder instead of baking soda. I apologise for the inconvenience. Hope you enjoy baking. Thank you for watching 😊

    P/S: if you are going for a try, I just want to ensure your success. 1.Preferable room temp butter but not melting stage, just softened will do. 2.Make sure you preheat your oven while preparing for the cake.
    3.Next, the key to the success is you need to mix butter and sugar long enough until light and pale.
    4.I know I stated to mix at the end for 5 minutes, you may just do 2 min will do if you do not want the cake to be dense.
    5. Have the cake baked in the middle rack with top & bottom heat with no fan. Make sure you check your cake at the end of the baking time, use a skew or toothpick to test, and make sure the cake is not wiggly when you bring out the cake. If it is, you will know you need to bake another 3-5 min, depending on individual oven.

    That's it. Good luck! Enjoy your baking!

  2. Very good

  3. It's my 1st baking a cake. Omg. The cake is so soft & fluffy. Thank you for sharing this easy to follow recipe.

  4. Joyce Kristine Recto

    what milk do you usually use?

  5. Omd I just tried to follow this way of baking. First time ever my cake literally looks and taste so good

  6. The cake turned out fluffy and moist but smelt and tasted eggy . Should’ve read the comments below ——the eggs used were medium sized. So you could cut down one egg or use 3 large eggs 🥚

  7. It's really yummy sweetie😍thanks for the recipe😘☺☺☺I love it sooo much💖💖💖

  8. Can i have instruction to bake it in cooker ??? We dont have oven in house my mom thinks microwaved foods r bad for health …

  9. Too much eggs

  10. I saw the cup measurement varies… as 250g equal to 1 cup but the flour is 230g but its 1 1/3 cup? I dont understand these measurement as my measurment cup 1 cup ia equal to 250….

  11. Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about "recipe of how to make a cake" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Loniden Meyatthew System – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  12. Why is my pound cake not cook all the way through most of the time when i bake a big cake ?

  13. Tammie Martinez

    I've made a butter cake from another recipe that I found online. Other than my first try, all other bakes came out perfect but since finding your ch, I would love to give yours a try but I have a few questions. 1. Do the eggs and milk need to be at room temp too? 2. You say to sift the flour and baking powder. Are we supposed to sift them after measuring or prior to, especially when it comes to the flour? 3.Can this be baked in a 9in round? That's the only size I have as far as cake pans. I do have a few loaf pans though. What size of loaf pan and bake time would you recommend for the amount of batter? Hope to hear from you soon…

  14. This recipe is brilliant. Please try

  15. 😍That crumb tho!

  16. I have just made this cake all I can say is wow thank you

  17. Rekah Shanmugam

    I followed the recipe exactly, it raised well during baking. But sank once out of the oven. Why did that happen?

  18. Neuza maria Batista


  19. Can't u edit ur video.and write baking powder It ruined the whole cake it stayed raw.all ingredients went waste and in trouble with family. I wish I didn't follow ur recipe it look good in pic that's why I thought let me try.

  20. is the cake very heavy? I want make it for my mother in law birthday… and I want to fill it with cream..

  21. I tried this recipe and it was SUPER TASTY and SOFT!! Terima kasih in malay which mean thank you😘😘😘

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  23. Did not come out like in the video at all. I followed the timings of the mix as well. Disappointing =(

  24. Can i do marble cake using this recipe?

  25. Bina egg k banana bataye

  26. Instead of 5 eggs what else we can eat ?

  27. Beautiful will make tomorrow thank you

  28. I tried this recipe today and i have to say, I have never made a softer cake! Thanks so much for this recipe.

  29. Hands down the best recipe ever!!!!!!! Thank you

  30. Hello will you plz do reply..
    .u have very nice mixer where have u got it from???plz do tell…kindly…

  31. By seeing only mouth started watering 🤤😝 very nice tnks a lot…🖤

  32. 👏🌷🌹

  33. Any alternative of eggs please

  34. Mam, m vegan,
    So what can I use instead of eggs??

  35. Very nice and easy receipe
    I will surely try it .

  36. Nichole Schroeder

    You should really add a note that the eggs need to be room temperature. I ruined my batter because the cold eggs made the creamed sugar ball up.

  37. Seria muito bom se fosse traduzido.. 😔

  38. Replacement for eggs?

  39. Kindly share recipe in cups measurements

  40. beautiful dizaster

    I made this for the first time and it's perfect. Thanks for the recipe! -from anovice baker

  41. Sugandha Jaiswal


  42. Bhagyashree Kshirsagar

    I referred your recipe.. My cake is looking good. But 60mins are more to bake the cake.

  43. Sithradevi Jeganeswaran

    Super recipe…👌👍❤👏

  44. daniel renz banaag

    Great recipe. Thank you for reiterating the importance of mixing the butter until light fluffy. It really helped with making this moist and soft. I've been making butter cake many times but this is the first time I'm satisfied with the texture. Thank you.

  45. Victor Tuhafenny sindanoh

    Love it😍😍

  46. Thank you I did this recipe when we went for picnic

  47. Hadirah Athilah

    Weird enough, I can smell this video 😍😍. Butter cake is my favourite.

  48. Nice..

  49. Que Delisioso 😋☕👍

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