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  1. Good that I just started with this kind of nutrition because I finished reading Dr. Fuhrman's book "Eat to Live" last Friday. I'm very much following the recipes you posted on YouTube from now on. This recipe is also so easy to cook again – and I always make myself such a head how complicated I have to cook with this diet. Thank u Dillon!!!!!!

  2. Love watching you cook and eat!!

  3. mmmmmmm hmm
    mmmmmmmmmm hmm 😂😂

  4. You have this way of eating dialed in! There are so many vegan recipes floating around and they seem to be getting more complex. I love the simplicity of what you do, and the batch cooking… which is my approach as well. I think simple recipes are the key to success in plant-based eating.

  5. Frozen greens are a lot cheaper. And identical when cooked.


  7. Patricia Davidson

    Yum, looks good 😋 Thanks for sharing!

  8. Awesome recipe for the lazy bunch like me. Specially when it’s super hot outside (+/-38*C or 95*F w/ 80% humidity), it’s nice to be able to cook something easy, healthy at night and simply portion them out to last a couple of days. I bet it’d taste awesome cold straight from the fridge too.

  9. Carlos de Andrés Chinchilla

    Wow looks very nice Dillion!! I´ll definitly try it out soon. I wanted to ask you about your thoughts on adding some nut or seed based salsa to it at the end to make it creamier and get some extra calories from good fat sources (im trying to put on some weight:) Thanks!!

  10. Great recipe-I'm a girl from the deep south, so I make greens and beans a couple of times a month. I add a slash of apple cider vinegar to it while cooking. A little shake of Texas Pete hot sauce on top is great, too. Don't forget to drink the pot liquor!  Thanks for sharing-I so enjoy your channel!

  11. I would use smoked paprika instead of liquid smoke but otherwise looks great and so simple as always.

  12. Your recipes are amazing and I like them very much👍 Please, you can upload some veganized Irish recipe for winter and how to prepare hazelnut drink🌰Thank you.

  13. Killer recipe! I have everything but the liquid smoke…another one making that today.

  14. How would you do this in the instant pot?

  15. Going to try this recipe….I definitely need help getting enough greens in my diet! I think the liquid smoke is a great addition here!

  16. Making that today. 😎

  17. nice and simple, and sos free…..thx how long did you cook the beans?

  18. ᴇᴅʏᴠᴇɢʏ ᴍx

    Like! 👍🏼😋

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