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  1. you will LOVE these healthy breakfast recipes! I think the crepes are my fav because you can fill them with anything! <3 thanks for watching

  2. Hi Liv! Thank you for the recipes! Wondering if we can sub cassava flour for tapioca flour?

  3. Savory yogurt… What!! But I love it though 🤗.. The avocado looks like heaven 😍.
    And the crepes!!! they look like normal ones…. Even though I don't know if I can get cassava flour here.. 😳
    You are very creative. 🤗💜🖤💚
    Keep spoiling us🌈🥞🦄

  4. Loved the video, hope to be trying these.
    Any small youtubers wanna support each other?
    Trying to reach 500 subscribers.

  5. Love these recipes. Got to try them out love to see more 💙

  6. Abigayle Mewhinney

    Hi liv!😊 I noticed you use almond milk in a lot of your videos and I just thought I’d suggest trying oat milk. It’s much more eco friendly, costs less and personally I like it better…🙃🥛

  7. I’d love to see royal jelly or bee pollen recipes

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